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Spalding: Trump knows where we need to go with national security strategy

Heritage Foundation’s Lt. Col. James Carafano and Hudson Institute’s Brig. Gen. Robert Spalding react to John Bolton being ousted as Trump’s national security adviser.

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    Jim Acosta is just not smart. He needs more education or something.

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    Would it be too flip to ask if Gen. Spalding thinks that lefties in NSC are now planning their futures, busy planting bugs around their offices? A page right out of Eisenhower's playbook?

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    Mr. 45 does not take order from his advisors, he takes his cue from Putin. His next step will be to set up a meeting with Putin in Syria.

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    LOL…Trump barely knows what he said yesterday on his Twitter account.

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    Trump's foreign policy is that he never met a Dictator he didn't like. Be it Putin, Xi, or Lil Kim Trump has called them all great guys.

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    Is it Nation Security for the USA or the UN…seems to me that the UN is calling the shots on foreign policy not Trump

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    Trump knows what he is doing! Leave him alone our president has done a wonderful job ! With nothing but chaos every day resistance !

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    Rice is delusional, we now after many years have a real president who works for America , not against us

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    Think what they were doing before ,selling our uranium, stealing from anywhere possible, the intelligence org ( who Obama enlarged to control ) covering for their crimes ! Gun running in Benghazi, never ending war!, destroying our country , we have a president who is building up our country to be prosperous, but he has to restore it first, he must have time to do this

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    Extreme Stable Energized Genius 2024

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    Stopped voting after Bush TRUMP 2020

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    Now Bolton gone, we can move on!

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    They're worried about 19 years in Afghanistan!!! What about the 60 years in Europe???

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    No more war war pigs have the power hand of God has struuck the hour day of judgment God is calling under knees the war pigs cralling begging mercys for there sins sins satan laughing flaps his wings and all the demons drag bolton bush family Clinton family soros the entire house of reps Hollywood the music ind the fashion freaks drug dealers human traffickers pedophiles satan worshippers the unrepentant queers baby killing doctors rothlizards banksters all go straight down to the pit of hell to be tourmented 4 ever the end . If i missed anyone God wont your going to bye

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    id like to see trump get rid of a few more !! drain the swamp !

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    CNN's Jim Acosta has to be the most annoying jackass in MSM!
    I hope he gets FIRED and never works again!!

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    An easy way to get out of Afghanistan is to just burn the poppy fields and plow them under. Problem solved. The Globalist will stop trying to keep us there.

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    From the start I thought Bolton was an odd choice for Trump. Actually had me a bit concerned he may be shifting more towards conflict options.

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    The reason Trump has had turn over he came to office surrounded by politicians and he has had to find out whom were the back stabbers as well as having obstruction by the democrats spies put in place by Obama and a unfriendly dishonest media and look at all he's accomplished just think how much greater America would be if he had cooperation

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