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Spain declares state of emergency to stem soaring COVID-19 cases

The Spanish government has declared a new state of emergency and ordered a nationwide curfew in an effort to curb soaring coronavirus infections, one of several European countries taking drastic measures to fight COVID.
On Sunday, Italy’s prime minister announced new anti-coronavirus measures for bars, restaurants and public gatherings, in a last-ditch effort aimed at avoiding a new nationwide lockdown.

Al Jazeera’s Nadim Baba reports on the new measures being imposed in Europe.

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  1. Avatar

    Qatar are rapists for foreigners

  2. Avatar

    Lockdown does not work you morons

  3. Avatar

    “Developed countries must support health systems in countries that are short of resources” Guterres lives in a parallel universe….a bunch of empty words.

  4. Avatar

    Still want democracy?

  5. Avatar

    Let it run its course.

  6. Avatar

    Covid is a global fraud to enslave humanity.

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    Wish all my Spanish brothers and sisters best luck. Love from india 🇮🇳

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    mantente fuerte y a salvo 🤘

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    That's what you get for opening up tourism and blocking the United states!

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    Note to self: do not go to Spain or Italy.

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    i wanna have my fruits from spain

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    Hey: ALJ from when uu have become Islamophobic … not a single news on bycott french product campaign
    while uu posted three documentries on that ignorant Teacher incident

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    My country has night time cerfew 8pm to 6am since April

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    Jesus is coming repent your sins

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    false fake restrictions!
    pos testing does not mean illness…only protein fragments of immune reaktion…
    nobody dies
    hospitals are empty!
    this is no pandemic in former definition…it's a flu!
    (from Germany!)

    They want to make Youvfear, want You to obey and than to vaccinate…RNA vaxx!
    inform Yourself!

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    Blah blah blah. Vuelta a España is presently occurring for the sake of euro's, though it has been shortened a week. It draws in thousands, maybe only hundreds this year, of international spectators… not to mention the vast support staff, sponsors and those in communications. Bizzaro world! 🚴‍♂️

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    Insha'ALLAH, Europe will be entirely Islamic in the next decade. It will happen, whether by choice or by force. After that they can prosper, just like Algeria and Morocco. Democracy must be abolished, complete Sharia must be enforced and Islam should be the only recognised official state religion in Europe.

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    Russia? 4th highest? Didn't VladPutin already take the vaccine? Aren't the Russkijs taking the vaccine too? Oh wait… it was a rushed one that isn't even effective.

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