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Soyuz rocket reaches ISS in record time – BBC News

Russia’s Soyuz rocket has travelled from Earth to the International Space Station in record time.

The spacecraft, carrying two Russian cosmonauts and a Nasa astronaut, made the trip in just three hours and three minutes – half the usual journey time.

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    Fake space science, rockets and astronauts
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    Lol the V2 has come a long way

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    and the weaponisation of Low Earth Orbit continues

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    Imagine what will happen if humans didn't fight over territorial ownerships and worked together to improve the technology instead

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    Earth is Flat. Sunset is telling us all.

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    I've come to accept the BBC comments section is just a playground for kids 🙂 When you do that it's ok, you just look on, until one of the children fall and scrap their knee and cry for mummy. Then you just say, "it will be ok, now stop your sniveling".

    My point you can't take 99% of it seriously. Kinda like covid. Oh, so close 🙂

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    Great achievement… Congratulations to all behind the scenes.

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    That is seriously impressive! Also takes a great deal of nerve to be the first ones to try out a new procedure, particularly one which compresses the amounts of time in which you have to get things done. Today's astronauts still have "the right stuff"!

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    "Space" 😄

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    It takes me longer than that to dock in Kerbal Space Program even with FForWard.

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    Soyuz rocket does not reaches ISS as it is expended on the ascent. Soyuz MS spacecraft, however, does reaches ISS.

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    These pet space projects are boring as hell, & industrial deep space mining should've been rolled out years ago!

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