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Southwest flight’s terrifying landing

Flight 278 rolled off the end of a runway at Hollywood Burbank Airport after wet conditions made for a difficult landing.



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  1. Avatar

    Thank's for the coverage, but can you cool it with the hyperbole?

  2. Avatar

    well atleast we know the EMAS worked

  3. Avatar

    Will sure helped a lot with his 10 word 5 second appearance at the end.

  4. Avatar

    Hydroplaning. Of course. Because planes stop the same way cars do with wheel brakes done they!

    No… they don't. They use aero and thrust brakes mainly. So hydroplaning wasn't the cause

  5. Avatar

    I was on an emirates flight landed back at Birmingham and nearly skided of the runway

  6. Avatar

    Thank goodness they had an "aviation analyst" tell us that if that barrier wasn't there they might have gone further. Thanks Nostradamus

  7. Avatar

    Terrible journalism. The correct news should be:
    Runway end safety area (RESA) did exactly what it's supposed to do, when a SW plane overshoot the runway. Passengers, crew and plane are fine. Causes still under investigation.

    Unfortunately you see this bad journalism more and more around the world. It has to stop, it's unethical. Just don't build a story where it isn't.

  8. Avatar

    Bruh Southwest just can’t catch a break

  9. Avatar

    I think the person writing the script for this was really proud of themselves for the “hydroplane” pun said MULTIPLE times throughout the video

  10. Avatar

    Oh great now we all know what dumbasses are gonna day “oh air travel is unsafe, planes are bad” I swear the minute I hear this I’m gonna be on the retard that states this.

  11. Avatar

    An hr2510 is a 10 meter ham radio and it is opened up into 11 m which is CD radio

  12. Avatar

    You know f**** dick about a radio then that what he said

  13. Avatar

    Southwest is just an awful awful airline, fly Alaska!

  14. Avatar

    It didn't stop because landed with a tail wind.

  15. Avatar

    Great ending but might have been better to divert to LAX

  16. Avatar

    Southwest pilots are all the Delta and American rejects

  17. Avatar

    This is an issue with shorter runways. The 737 struggles to stop in either wet, icy, or just slippery conditions on short runways especially when it’s heavy. Would be worse if it were an 800 or 900 series and had more passengers.

  18. Avatar

    I didn't know airports have emergency braking system.

  19. Avatar

    So you mean to tell me that no one caught footage of the actual incident ??..

  20. Avatar

    Wait, he called it a runway.

    I guess someone told him it’s not called the tarmac

  21. Avatar

    He landed with a 10 kt tail wind

  22. Avatar

    1:53 this guy said “Unfortunately no Injuries”.

  23. Avatar

    How many idiots are gonna sue the airline for emotional trauma? "I have nightmares, boo hoo."

  24. Avatar

    How terrible. This is almost as terrifying for Americans as bedbugs in a 5 star hotel or a mild E. coli breakout with their mixed greens. I don’t know how we will survive 2K19…

    These news anchors are real turds and bad at sensationalizing normal events.

  25. Avatar

    Come really “terrifying landing” is what I have to get when I come on YouTube epically I wanna fly for them and why does the news community always as to make avation scary lik what☹️😐

  26. Avatar

    Lol @ media when it comes to aviation. 🙄

  27. Avatar

    Good thing everyone had their tray tables in the upright and locked positions, otherwise half of the passengers would have been decapitated.

  28. Avatar

    but how do they get the plane out though?

  29. Avatar

    It goes to show you how stressful being a pilot can be. Yet it’s amazing how they manage to handle situations like this without a hint of intimidation. Incredible stuff.

  30. Avatar

    George Stefanopoulos sounds like Greek…

  31. Avatar


  32. Avatar

    Oh no, a plane landed in rain and a safety system did what it was meant to do. Where's the news story?

  33. Avatar

    Omg, that was so terrifying omg the windows got dirty i hope everyone is ok.

  34. Avatar

    Aviation lovers are doomed to cringe

  35. Avatar

    1:25 I wanted his plane to crash & catch on fire

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