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South Dakota governor hits back at media who attacked her COVID response

Gov. Kristi Noem did not use lockdowns throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Noem joins Laura Ingraham to discuss the pandemic and upcoming election. #FoxNews #Ingraham

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  1. Avatar

    Democrats wanted to ruin Trump's economy right up to the election so yeah. Vote red, save our country.

  2. Avatar

    South Dakota has a good governor.

  3. Avatar

    Hate monger media. Disgusting

  4. Avatar
    lyov nickolayevitch

    She is an inspiration. Incredible common sense. Actually cares for the people.

  5. Avatar

    The number 12.4% doesn't say anything in and of itself. If previous week 6% of hospital beds were occupied – and the week before 3% was occupied by COVID patients…
    …then the next few weeks would have 24%, 48% 96%, 192% of the beds being reserved for COVID patients. You're ALMOST a legitimate news network, FOX… ALMOST…
    …don't stop short of actually becoming one!

  6. Avatar

    She should mandate compulsory cowboy hats on both sexs, yes thats two(2) male and female. Well done Governor

  7. Avatar

    Another woman, like Amy Coney Barrett, that the media and the Left do not want in power OR to be heard speaking publicly – because she is far too smart & has too much common sense… Not to mention she's very attractive.

  8. Avatar

    I don't know the governor Kristy Noem most likely I'll never ever meet her either, but by God I love that woman hope to see more like her come out and show the world the true American Spirit that everyone can strive for even if you're not American you should have that same spirit and drive for the country in which you reside.

  9. Avatar

    Lol, Chris Cuomo was busted again refusing to wear his mask as was proven by a building managers letter. All these bastards are massive hypocrits

  10. Avatar
    space man reviews

    Dems are responsible for this whole covid mess!

  11. Avatar

    God bless this governor she did the right thing!

  12. Avatar

    Looking at the comments, Jesus wept……y'all are some thirsty little incels, huh? It's not subtle, you know.

  13. Avatar

    I love NOEM! I'm moving to South Dakota! Trump 2020!!!

  14. Avatar

    Make America great again and again, Trump pence 2020

  15. Avatar

    I'm gonna say this…. Conservative Republican women are HOT as hell. Good Job South Dakota.

  16. Avatar

    Kristi Noem for president 2024

  17. Avatar

    This should be the 1st woman president she is very smart and strong!

  18. Avatar

    Thank you. Wonderful to see women standing up for truth and Trump

  19. Avatar

    She is hot! I would love her to be my governor haha

  20. Avatar

    Freedom rings in SD God bless the republic

  21. Avatar
    space man reviews

    I don't feel bad for democrat voters! They're simple and stupid! They belong on lockdown!

  22. Avatar

    People who have had covid can't give it to others and neither can they get it again (although it happens in rare cases), so why the mask obsession for people who have had the virus? Like president Trump – he can't infect others so why should he wear it again?

  23. Avatar

    Can Michigan trade Whitmer for this governor ? Pleaseeeeee

  24. Avatar
    Justice 4 Seal Team 6

    Yeheey!!! The beautiful Miss Noem! 🧑❀🧑❀🧑 Doing a fantastic job as always!!!

  25. Avatar

    The Way it' should Be..

  26. Avatar

    If you live in a blue state you need to get involved and demand change, and Utah, what the hell? Get rid of Romney now recall him. Wake up America! LIVE FREE OR DIE!

  27. Avatar

    VOTE RED..100 percent..

  28. Avatar

    Awesome Governor I want to move to South Dakota

  29. Avatar

    I see this beautiful and smart lady as a future President πŸ₯°

  30. Avatar

    Common sense versus scientists and the scientists are getting their arses kicked: comprehensively (think Sweden)

  31. Avatar

    By far the most beautiful, charming and charismatic governor I've ever seen wow…

  32. Avatar

    Is fox going to talk about Trump's China account? Oh ok, speaking of selective journalism and censoring.

  33. Avatar

    Governor Noem,beauty and brains,what a rare combo.

  34. Avatar

    Gov. Kristi is not only very smart with great foundation for being a great leader, but she's also gorgeous πŸ‘πŸ˜‰πŸ˜

  35. Avatar

    Why is the Left for killing babies and against things that really work?

  36. Avatar

    Governor Noem is the best. Trump 2020πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  37. Avatar

    Hey CNN. I've been to South Dakota recently. North Dakota too. The people there are being safe without restrictive mandates oppressing into them into a Nation wide depression CNN would like to satisfy CNN's allegence to the UN. Not US! JLSwag

  38. Avatar

    How do you explain ohio?

  39. Avatar

    You did the right thing governor. Please keep it up πŸ‘

  40. Avatar

    Those numbers that were rattled off at the start are meaningless, unless pre-COVID numbers are also given. It is the change BETWEEN the two numbers that might be newsworthy.

  41. Avatar

    Good On you Governor.

  42. Avatar

    Governor Noem thank you for setting a great example of what a great governor is ❀️

  43. Avatar

    Love South Dakota and this great mayor

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