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Son grew up not knowing his father was an undercover police officer

A man who grew up not knowing that his father was an undercover policeman – spying on his mother – has received substantial damages for the emotional trauma it’s caused. (Subscribe:

Bob Lambert fathered the child during a relationship with an animal rights activist. But Mr Lambert wasn’t an activist as he claimed – he was a Metropolitan Police Officer on a covert operation.

The Met Police have apologised unreservedly.


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    Subbing To Everyone Who Subs To Me

    To the Early Squad Reading This:

    sending Virtual Hugs to everyone who needs it. Always stay safe read my name❤

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    imaner76 [Him n' her 76]

    I feel so bad for the kid in this. I know he's a man now, but to have your father be a pack of lies and none of it being your fault at all is just wrong.

  3. Avatar

    M R. Claims to be an undercover police officer.

  4. Avatar
    Robbie Craughwell

    Don't Be ashamed! It's not your fault he was a copper!!

  5. Avatar

    Bob obviously had abrogated the code of conduct at the very least and is owing of a great deal of monies etc, The New Scotland Yard must most seriously atone!

  6. Avatar

    I'm more interested to know what the whole story.

  7. Avatar

    Imagine if it was Boris Johnson!!! 🤣😂🤣😂

  8. Avatar

    And they wonder why people hate coppers as an institution when even the Met resorted to tactics such as these. Also how can an inquiry set up in 2014 take 6 years to start questioning people. Accountability in the UK.

  9. Avatar

    Nah this is bs if your gonna do this as your job don’t have kids or a partner

  10. Avatar

    How much 💲 does he get tho…?

  11. Avatar

    I WAS RIGHT & THEY WHERE WRONG. When this story 1st came out a number of years ago, I said the police where wrong.
    I got slayed in this comment by the brainwashed conformists. Pay him Millions in compensation

  12. Avatar

    It's long overdue that all leftists were interned on a permanent basis as a threat to national security. It's not wise to allow millions of traitors to exist within your nation. All traitors should be treated accordingly then we can return the UK to sanity.

  13. Avatar
    Jonny Gertmunger

    is it a wooden spoon?

  14. Avatar
    Kiumars [Iranian Kurd]

    an undercover policeman – spying on his mother for 4 years? Come on!

  15. Avatar

    Lisa Round's another: DL3 7DG, May2013-June2017 'polizei' agents provocateurs – "protected by the law" wall-thumps.

  16. Avatar

    Their SDS steal the names & ID's of dead infants, are serial torture-poison-EEG clone murderers, burnt-down Debenhams, dance the ordinary police – every page of every lawbook is toilet-paper to these scum. DL3, MB

  17. Avatar

    PS when we having a White History Month.

  18. Avatar

    What a piece of garbage of a father.

  19. Avatar

    Think, if one man could do this to his own flesh and blood, what could others do to you.
    Mask up, stay locked indoors. It’s for your health. Just 2 weeks to flatten the curve. Purchase from big online companies. Ffo Kcuf

  20. Avatar

    The police are the biggest criminal gang.

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