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Some Ontario school boards cancel final exams

Several school boards in Ontario — including Canada’s largest, in Toronto — are cancelling final exams for high school students because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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    KC - 09WS 712205 Humberview SS


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    If you haven’t taken your kids out of school until this Covid fiasco is wrapped up, you aren’t a very good parent. If I were a teen in high school I would drop out this instant. Kids should not be in masks. This is madness. Paranoia is a mental disorder.

  3. Avatar

    On the upside a lot more alternate learning tools have been developed since I was school age, but a lot more of the responsibility is going to fall on the parent which is going to be a problem because a lot of the parents are not ready for the responsibility.

  4. Avatar

    Damn I got here before all the anti vaxxers lmfao

  5. Avatar

    Exams are 7 months away!?
    We're saying NOW theres no final exams.

  6. Avatar

    They seriously our intent in making our kids more susceptible to disease and dulling them down educational wish..

  7. Avatar

    Could this be to hide the fact the quality of education is falling and they don't want to fail the kids? Get rid of the deadweight, it's hurting our kids,and the future of the country

  8. Avatar

    If these students have school years consisting of two semesters, then I wonder if they have final exams for each semester. But if their school years don't consist of two semesters, then the final exams would logically occur at the end of the school year and cancelling them this far ahead would be RIDICULOUS. I know what it was like in college and university in Quebec, where the year had two semesters, and their were mid-term exams as well as finals for both semesters. Of course students who also went to these schools for summer semesters would have finals and surely mid-terms; just that I never attended summer semesters, so can't be entirely sure in this case. I don't recall what it was like when I went to high school here, such as whether their were exams at the mid point of the year and finals at the end, for this was too LONG ago for me to be able to recall, but there were certainly finals at the end of the year. The finals we had were very standardized, for they were "provincial exams", but I think that this was only for finals and not the mid-terms, while I was in college and university. SO, ANYWAY, it would have been good if this had been made clear in this CBC report, about how these Ontario high schools operate in these respects, even for Cdns of other provinces listening to this report.

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    Disgraceful lack of news on Julian Assange. get with it CBC or close your news programs until you can be of use to all Canadians. CBC is sick

  10. Avatar

    Who needs final exams when you're living in internment camps, right?! No need for resumes there.

  11. Avatar

    There are other regions of this nation outside Ontario and Quebec… just thought I would remind the CBC. They seem to forget that… ALOT

  12. Avatar

    This is 🐂💩.

    Public school is a scam. They take your tax dollars and fail as teachers when they do this.

    No need to hold back students an entire year because of their incompetence.

    I guess they want MORE funding now as a result…

  13. Avatar
    University of Edinburgh

    Trump is in Toronto this week!!!

  14. Avatar

    Just outsource school to YouTube.

  15. Avatar

    Just noticed your tattoo on your right bicep. Good on ya.

  16. Avatar
    Little Miss Stamper

    They are "rethinking" how they are doing virtual learning….yet they want people to make a decision based on how they are doing vitual learning NOW. Sounds like what they did in the beginning. They tell you ONE thing, then change it AFTER you make a decision. Just leave well enough alone before you make it WORSE

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