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Solitary confinement still overused in Canada’s prisons: report

A preliminary government report is shedding light on the continued use of solitary confinement in Canada’s federal prisons, despite a 2019 law designed to limit the practice.

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  1. Avatar

    Look at CBC pretending to care about the rights of citizens.

  2. Avatar

    Would like some meatball

  3. Avatar

    Canadian atrocities persist.

  4. Avatar

    Solitary confinement is used in psychiatric wards!! Innocent people held in solitary confinement and injected with chemical weapons.. in Canada!!!!

  5. Avatar

    I wonder what alternative measure they pose for an inmate who shanks someone in the neck

  6. Avatar

    Ontario has released thousands of prisoners while fining & threatening regular citizens with prison time for COVID infractions that the gov officials themselves don't follow when they don't feel like it.

  7. Avatar

    So many people here hate cbc lol

  8. Avatar

    Yeah Bernardo should’ve been put in with the regulars

  9. Avatar

    Canadians prison, “ here’s some clean clothes and a nice bed eh, cable tv and some videos eh, hot tub and sauna in the morning after breakfast eh, don’t worry about a thing you just murdered people but it’s ok eh , sleepy tight kisses, oh and no taxes or bills to pay eh we’ll pay em sleep tight

  10. Avatar

    The extremists right wing are definitely glued to this one. Trying to see how much of there cruelty they could add to someone else's life. Must make them feel powerfull. The logic of solitary confinement is equal to diisoplining a child by locking them in there room, and if that doesn't work, then lock them in the closet. Those children end up in the prison system. It should be abolished and the federal government should do the Right thing. There is many ways of diisoplining prisoners with out torcher. The prison system should not be controling it's self. That's a dangerous social policy. They should be fired if they don't want to cooperate with our social rights system. Parliamentary Secretary is sounding like a conservative,.

  11. Avatar

    Should be asking why so many people are on remand awaiting trial because they can't get bail due to the bail system in Ontario is so broken. Remember people on remand are legally innocent and are supposed to have access to reasonable bail. There is more ppl on remand in prison then people actually found guilty.

  12. Avatar

    If you can't do the time don't do the crime! Keep it up guys! Great work!

  13. Avatar

    I would prioritize the old and sick before we solve challenges criminals face.

  14. Avatar

    This is so comical, CBC should be asking real questions like “why aren’t inmates not leaving?” Well, most stay because they are scared to go to other units. It is their choice to stay and force will not be used to removed them from the unit. Also 4 hours offered and 4 hours met are different things. If they are choosing not to go to program or Rec or to leave their cells for meaningful interaction they cannot be forced to do so. It’s all in the hands of the inmates.. soo maybe the media should actually ask real questions and maybe start asking front line staff what isn’t working.

  15. Avatar
    Zach The Celtics Guy

    Sympathy for criminals like always. It’s so pathetic. They did the crime, they need to pay for it with a big chunk of their time. Simple as that.

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