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Soldiers open fire on protesters in Nigeria’s Lagos: Witnesses

Soldiers have opened fire on demonstrators gathered at a protest site in Lagos that has been the epicentre of widespread rallies against police brutality in Nigeria, according to several witnesses.
Nigeria’s Lagos is in a 24-hour lockdown and millions of people are under curfew across the country.
Demonstrators have been on the street for days over police brutality and some senior politicians are supporting them.

Al Jazeera’s Ahmed Idris reports from Abuja, Nigeria.

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  1. Avatar

    2000? They don't even have up to that!

  2. Avatar

    These people are Not people anymore
    Let Humanity reign

  3. Avatar

    The Curfew was not in Effect yet, the curfew was moved to 9pm, they started attacking them at 7pm, and the Army denys wrong doing

  4. Avatar
    Imtiaz khan امتیاز خان

    I love Prophet Muhammad (SAW) too much..😘😘😘

  5. Avatar

    I'm praying for my Nigerian Brothers and Sisters. Keep fighting against the corrupt establishment politicians and police! 🇳🇬✊

  6. Avatar

    African révolution !

  7. Avatar
    Emmanuel Adonteng

    Consequences of chosing selfish leaders

  8. Avatar

    Police brutality happens in all countries. Police in all countries need to be refunded for the people.

  9. Avatar

    Nooooo! How dare these soldiers treat people like this?! Keep strong Naijas.
    Love from South Africa🇿🇦

  10. Avatar

    Nigerians, I’m advising u as your brother from Somalia. We overthrew our evil and corrupt Government in 1991, and we have still not recovered 30 years later. Sometimes it is better to be patient and trust in God, and your situation will improve. Look at Somalia, Syria, Libya, so many countries overthrew evil governments but what came after was hunger, violence, anarchy, chaos, destruction and much worse. If Somalis could go back to 1991 I think we would have made a different decision knowing what came after

  11. Avatar

    Show me the bodies. All I’ve seen so far are claims. Something is off.

  12. Avatar

    BIack can't expect much from them

  13. Avatar

    You have our support from 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  14. Avatar

    What is going on in Nigeria 🇳🇬 ain’t the security agencies to protect and defend the country and the citizens in it so where from the killing .The people of Nigeria we are gonna stand with u , am from Ghana 🇬🇭 and I say God help Nigeria.STOP SARS✊🏾

  15. Avatar
    Juan Pedro Mariano

    Don't repeat Tiananmen Square

  16. Avatar

    They were shot dead and the bodies confiscated by the army as they continue to kill more even till this morning.
    No prisoners escaped it's all a lie
    How can prisoners escape with earpods and latest arsenal jerseys and dope backpacks. Meanwhile a police station is stationed close to the prison and all the prison guards and workers were all accounted for.

  17. Avatar

    Must be the white police again I guess?

  18. Avatar

    Please let's not be fooled the violence is being organised by the government just to have a reason attack the protesters the evidence are everywhere

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