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So disgusting: Jake Tapper slams Trump campaign attacks

Want more debate videos? Watch them here: cnn.it/3iM1ESH
See more fact checks here:

CNN’s Jake Tapper reacts after President Donald Trump took the stage for the final presidential debate of the 2020 election, saying Trump is “running the single most negative, sleazy campaign in American history for a major party candidate.”

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    Want more debate videos? Watch them here: cnn.it/3iM1ESH
    See more fact checks here: https://www.cnn.com/2020/10/22/politics/fact-check-final-presidential-election-debate/index.html

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    Trump to the 6×8 , 2020. along with his cronies.

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    Fact check the "laptop" while you're at it! Bet you won't CNN

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    The more someone is intimidated by you, the more they will attack you

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    So Trump says Biden wants to "get rid" of the oil industry including all fracking, and the fact checker says, "Trump is correct"?

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    Nathaniel Anderson

    The Democratic party had 17 candidates in the primary. And Joe Biden is the best you could pick out from the list ? Really ? I am a Democrat and I have been all my life. I like Joe Biden. But he is not a strong presidential candidate. His vision for the future is to get us back to where we were before Trump took office.
    It is just disappointing to me, that the Democratic party just seems to have picked the easy way out candidate, just like they did in 2016. They picked Clinton because they thought she was a sure win. Same with Biden.
    This is why Trump beat Clinton. I hate to say this, but history is going to repeat itself. Maybe not in this election. I hope to God Biden winns. But he was one of the weakest candidates on the stage.
    People voted for him because they thought he was a sure thing. In politics there is no sure thing. And a sure thing is a weak choice.

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    Does this fact checker ever check Joe Biden? They need to classify this as parody

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    Trump was a reality actor selling a pitch and trying to get votes instead of addressing the American people and the issues at hand. We are tired of TRUMPS alternate reality show. Vote to save America..#CROOKEDTRUMP #BIDENHARRIS2020ToSaveAmerica

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    I have not seen any of it. I guess I have no MAGAts in my circle, and somehow Twitter is not dumping this shit into my feed even as it is removing what I want to keep. Biden SHOULD be anti fracking. It destroys water, irreparably.

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    This had me glued until 10:51 when I saw Rick Santorum. Oh well, I'm out of here. I'm in no mood for barefaced lies. Bye.

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    America's a 4 year long joke ruled by a disgraceful, dishonest, dishonorable, mean, vindictive, spoiled silver spooned scoundrel bully stand up comedian fraud GOP morons think speaks the truth.

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    TRUMP 2020 TRUMP 2024

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    The point has been missed. The debates are intended for parties to influence the opinion of voters based on the the value of their plans, policies and philosophies…..NOT the amount of dirt you can drag up on the other party

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    Good conquers Evil. Trump 2020. Get used to it Demons ❤️❤️❤️

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    U all r fake news and uniformed, biased, race baiting, unopened minded, evil, not in touch with the real world, baby killing(long term abortion)(any term abortion), home of the true racism, chaos loving, rioting loving, conspiracy theories believers, antifa loving, lying , making others against your cause wearing masks fake bitches. Btw the way, im not spewing hate of fiction. Im speaking truth and facts and btw , T Daddy is gonna be your president for 4 more years soon so if u hate this country, our laws,our border principles, our Supreme Court appointments, in God we trust mentality, the love gor the American flag. Move to Australia. They'd love to kick u out once u get there. U self absorbed, unappreciated, egotistical punks!

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    The process of auditing doesn’t negate Trump’s tax returns from public disclosures according to the IRS. Trump’s a blatant liar.

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    snow ball event

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    Can’t wait to watch Tapper crying on 3rd when Trump wins by a landslide! Why a joke! Pizzagate is real!

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    Jake tapper is an absolute lost soul, and absolutely full of hate for our commander in chief the panel thats sitting before us now are hateful liars!

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    Trump was much more restrained and better than first time though as ever full of lies.

    Biden was okay but not spectacular he is average Joe in many ways.

    He spoke truth on oil but it may hurt him.

    As fiscal Conservative it's myself it's about morality and ethics for many on centre right and God willing that may prevail and get him out.

    Am I sure no I feel it will be paper thin and contested it is closing.

    I fear the on day voting will give him a lead he may abuse.

    I also fear more trouble on streets at latest shooting.

    It appears self control and establishing facts is sometimes not important to segment of black community and that could hurt Biden even now.

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    I really like trump but biden will win look at all the early voting biggest we ever seen and I know they are not trump biden will give out free hand outs

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    Never forget…the Trumpkin recently told fans in Georgia he plans to FLEE America if he loses. What is he hiding?

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    CNN, espcially gloria borger is so bi partison, I have no idea which side she's on. SMH

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    The idiocracy in these comments is unbelievable!

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    Spending 68 minutes talking about Hillary Obama and Hunter won't get you 4 more years.

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    Trumps presidency:

    Investigated for what Hilary did.
    Impeached for what Biden did.
    Blamed for what China did.

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    If in doubt!!

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    Do you know what's disgusting jake?
    Its having stupid very fake news talking shit about their president ever since day.
    What's disgusting is have fake news media channels refused to report anything negative about joe biden like new allegations/accusation made by Tony BOBULINSKI today and the laptop from hell story while same stupid fake news media channels reporting shit about their best president, I'm talking about president trump.

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    Trump: I have no plan
    Biden: I have a lot of PLANS

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    Time for Creepy Touchy Feely Sleepy Quid Pro Quo Uncle Sniffy Joe to pack his bag for Rest Home GITMO!

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    Why are people asking who won the debate? The American people are losing. Trump says he is the least racist in the room? Seriously? Won't even say I denounce the proud boys. What a liar. A narcissist. You are the Grand Wizard of the kkk and we all know it. Call David Duke.
    It's about your energy. When they come and lynch you Curtis Jackson aka 50 cent, do not come crying to us like O.J. Ya'll can have him!
    This is about Good vs. Evil!
    God Help Us All

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    Give joe a participation ribbon 🎀

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    the TDS syndrome ( hatred of President Trump ) is so intense that it impairs some people's judgment !!! Sleepy Joe has done nothing good for 47 years, took money from Russians but some still don't care . This is Sad !

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    Lies and deceit are all Trump has! The gleeful pleasure in watching him destroyed post election will almost make up for the pain endured during his bizarre chaotic corrupt administration VOTE HIM OUT

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    Can anyone tell me what his second term plan is? All I heard was lies.

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