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'So boring': Vettel on Mercedes' form after Bottas and Hamilton dominate in Azerbaijan

Valtteri Bottas held off teammate Lewis Hamilton and cruised to victory in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in Baku and retook the lead over the reigning Formula One world champion in the points standings.
Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, who finished third, called Mercedes’ continued dominance and strong start to the season ‘boring’, and said th

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    Ferrari failed again…with a faster car. Their strategy is wrong starting with team orders. TK

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    Uhm, did, did Vettel just say it was boring? For four years? No, I'm not gonna do it.

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    I honestly do believe the day Ferrari manages there differences. Merc will need to rewrite there A game

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    Vettel wasn't saying that when he was in red bull dominating

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    says the guys who win 4 consecutive championships with redbull.

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    Vettel: so boring.
    My response: quit complaining. Drive better. Tired of the excuses

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    Boring? Why don’t you have another spin ?thats exciting to see. You are to be blamed for lack of skill and competition secrashtian!

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    37418 East Lancashire railway

    Don't understand vettle saying that every time f1 try to make it closer and fairer for everyone all the front running teams especially Ferrari threaten to quit f1.

  9. Avatar

    Seb feeling the heat at Ferrari, times have changed since his red bull days, keep spinning Vettel, long live the mercs.

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    The Spanish race 2019 was probably the most boring race i have ever seen.

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