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SNL vs. reality: Trump and Biden's final debate

Jim Carrey and Alec Baldwin returned as Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and President Trump on “Saturday Night Live” on Oct. 24. Maya Rudolph also starred as moderator Kristen Welker, and Kate McKinnon returned as Rudy Giuliani. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    The only way to destroy the super power US is from inside by having Trump as a president, who will divide us, and isolate us from our allies, this what he did in the last 4 year.

    This is what our enemies want

    Our Doller is paper if he keep making enemy with our allies, our Doller will be worth nothing

    He did not made he is money from being a good business man but by borrowing money in his corporation name and file for bankruptcy

    He takes credit for someone else work, and balm other for his mistake

    He is a liar, prejudice, and self-centered Christion (holding a bible in front of the church, is like a KKK member in front of the cross)

    There is no difference between him and the president of Libya Gadhafi, the president of Iraq Saddam Hussein, and the President of Syria Bashar al Assad, he does not see the value of democracy, most people who works in the media are afraid from him, he get what he want by terrorizing who tell him the truth, and he think he is serving his country like all of these presidents.

    So what the similarity between Trump and the President of Syria Bashar al Assad, or any ruler who use presidential dictatorial powers:

    1_Bashar al Assad worked only for his denomination, the Alawite Muslim Religion, (Trump for his party)

    2_Bashar al Assad upset his Middle East allies, (Trump is doing the same things) so when there civil war in Syria they did not support him but supported the conflict because they did not like him

    3_Bashar al Assad made alliance with Hezbollah a terrorists group (Trump did the same with North Korea)

    4_Bashar al Assad does not seek science but power, he think he is so smart person, so that led to a lot of distraction and the death of many people (Trump does not seek science)

    5_Bashar al Assad he rule with fear, if you do not think like him you are gone, so now he is surrounded with people who will tell him what he want to hear not the truth, (Trump is going in the same direction)

    6_Bashar al Assad really think he is serving Syria, this what he said all the time, but he is destroying Syria, (Trump is thinking the same)

    7_Bashar al Assad split his denomination/supporter, because he brought harm on everybody, (Trump is splitting the Republican Party, black against white, white against immigrant, democrat against republic, rich against poor, Muslim against Cristian against Jewish etc.)

    8_Bashar al Assad use oppression, (Trump dose the same)

    Just remember oppression was the reason behind the revolution (destruction) in Russia and all their old allies and in Syria, Iraq, and Libya.

    When Russia decided to concentrate on their need and ignored their allies, their allies joined Europe, and some of them had war with Russia

    When we helped Europe after World War II, we helped ourselves also

    Trump wants to be a president because he want the power, he don’t want to serve other.

    In debate he never answer the question, and his respond to all the question I am reversing the damage last president did, we are doing good, I am going to make America great again, I want to do good but the democrat preventing me, because nobody explain to him that he did not gave answer to the question, he get his away, and for the listener who doesn’t understand the question they think he gave a good answer.

    Example when a self-employ ask him, how he could reduce the cost of health care for them, he did not answer the question, and people do not know that for a self-employ the cost to buy health care insurance to cover his family is over $5000 per month, with $130,000.00 detectible per year.

    If he win every one in USA will be the pay the price, rich or poor, democrat or republic.

    Trump technique is an old technique, you tell people I am on your side against them, they are harming you, I will protect you from them, this is a technique was used in religion (people from Muslim religion committed suicide bombing against Christian), KKK against black people, white people against slave black people, with Hitler German against Jewish/non German, Rwandan genocide, etc.

    If we Compare the present to the past in USA (slavery time), we all live better now because of harmony, and democracy.

    If Trump win every one in USA will pay the price, rich or poor, democrat or republic. We sink together or we get saved together, there is no winner and loser, there are those who will lose a lot and there are those who will lose less.

    As a democrat/republic my responsibility to choose someone to represent the democrat/republic party, after that my responsibility to choose someone how will unite us and mobilize everybody forward (no one life behind).

    Trump is watching himself, doing his best to win 4 more years, and his best what we have been seeing, what he will do if he is not worry about 4 more years, is it civil war in US, or World War III. Some people say he is not predictable, but after 4 year I think we could predict how bad it will be if he win.

    Trump said that China, Russia, does not want him to win, why they do not want a President who does not use science/democracy to run the country, who think the problems are outside him not inside him, who is planting seeds for civil war and the destruction for USA?

    Just take a step back and see the full picture.

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    There are 5 different sources to the Biden scandal:

    1. MacBook from Delaware computer repair shop
    2. Tony Bobulinski
    3. Bevan Cooney
    4. Ukraine
    5. An unknown source

    What makes the Biden story virtually impossible to fake, is that info from all these very different sources largely corroborate each other.

    Overseas Chinese medias have been circulating that source #5 is actually within China. They said that Bo Xilai and other powerful political enemy of Xi have been hurt badly these years, and in order to fight Xi, they released 3 hard drive full of data about Biden and others. According to media circulations, what the Chinese have is 10 times more than what has been released, even though the released material is already astounding.

    Biden’s collusion with the CCP is just unbelievable. It’ll be a monumental setback for the free world if he gets elected.

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    The lamestream media is corrupt

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    And standing up to BigTech Censorship is the #1 issue for me.
    And that's why I'm voting for President Trump.

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    "BLM – Biden's Laptop matters" to national security!

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    That awkward moment when satire is more realistic than the warped "reality" the "president" lives in.

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    Trump did a flying kick to Biden's face, not once, not twice, but three times.

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    Why Hunter a loser drug user suddenly became the consultants for Chinese energy companies starting 2010 and receiving million of $ after his father became VP of US? Those Chinese companies are not private they are state owned in disguise.. ..their real purpose is not to make profits but to influence America's politics at some points .. Biden would sold America out to CCP if he is elected. Chill in back.. Lefty media please provides facts to rebuke it. Shame on lefty media who are trying to cover up for the traitors of America

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    Tell this guy who pretends to be Trump that he doesn't need to twist his face . Why ? he ( the guy who's mocking Trump ) is already look ugly enough . The USA seems to have not anybody better than that guy ? what's his name ?class C actor ?

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    They knew they would get ratioed, but they left the comment section to get torched as well? Kinda like dousing in petrol then handing out random matches. In a macabre kinda way I respect that. If by chance Biden wins the lot of them will be unemployed.

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    So this is considered news in current year? What a joke.

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    Vision 2020 I agree completely. Lots of sour grapes if you ask me. One other thing I have to say at this point. You know democrats are people too, Trump is always hissing mean things about them. We need to remind him he unfortunately may be our president right now, but he is our president which means all of the citizens of the USA. He started the war he created between him and the democrats, really everyone but republicans back on day one of his appointment. He really needs mental health.

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    SNL is one of the most garbage excuses for humor I've ever seen in my life. It's vapid, basically spoonfeeds you 5th grade level punchlines, and attempts to force the watcher to laugh and it as much as their laughing at themselves. I honestly can't believe it's still on air, I can only assume they have wonderfully generous sponsors.

  14. Avatar

    snl been trash since 1996

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    It will be no laughing matter if Biden wins.

  16. Avatar

    Where's Hunter Biden?

  17. Avatar

    lmfao Washington post trying to narrate their own lies and hypocrisy. priceless

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    Democrats are the DEEP STATE

    Democrats are the ILLUMINATI

    Democrats are the CABAL

    Democrats are the GLOBALIST

    Democrats own all NEWS MEDIA NETWORKS

    Democrats are the invisible SECRET SHADOW BILDERBURG GOVERNMENT

    Democrats are the invisible SECRET SPACE PROGRAM

    Democrats are the NEW WORLD ORDER

    Democrats are MARXIST COMMUNISTS

    Democrats are DESTROYING AMERICA


    Democrats are responsible for the CALIFORNIA FIRES

    Democrats are responsible for


    Democrats are the ENEMY WITHIN GOVERNMENT


    Democrats are PRO COVID-19

    Democrats are the JACKASS

    Democrats are the many evils plaguing America and the entire world.

    From the luciferion music and movie industry to child blood sacrifices and pedophilia.

    Democrat Globalist Cabal Illuminati Secret Shadow Bilderburg Government Luciferion Pedophiles Rule The World

    Ephesians 6:12
    For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against principalities in high places and the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in other heavenly places.

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    The Washington post is not real news

  20. Avatar

    So this is Baldwin's career right now. SNL hasn't been funny for ages.

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    SNL is reality – “news”

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    Tell Me Whiteside to stfu and vote for Mark Kelley

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    I'm the least racist person in this room, country, and state. Even black people turn racist in politics.

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    Does the media even care how utterly hated they are by the people?

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    Biden and Harris just want a freeway in to the White House, Where they will get everything free for themselves. They want some of that free money for themself's, Its call embezzlement.

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    SNL is a piece of crap TV show. I haven't watched for years. A bunch of entitled pieces of crap "actors"

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    Remember when SNL used to be funny? Yeah, me neither.

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    Wapo fake news sources SNL?


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    Tapping with Tabitha

    Wow, how embarrassing.

  30. Avatar


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    I see the WP is still in the comedy business. What nothing on Hunter's emails?

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    I quit watching Saturday night live and the news years ago. One is just too stupid any more and the other is a big liar.

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    The Lincoln joke was hilarious 😂

  34. Avatar

    The most drively tripe I have seen today, thanks msm you never let me down when I just want to sit back, relax, and have my brain be propagandized to while it slips farther into a culture vortex of crap.

    💩/ 10

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    Ahh are you Commie Luciferian Paedophiles upset that everyone sees through your lies & sees you for what you are, & YT has to artificially inflate your numbers to create the illusion of relevance? Take a hint from your like/dislike ratio & the comments, you are no longer influential, except to the extremely brainwashed unbreastfed chemically altered entranced zombies, even the majority of the inoculated brainwashed unbreastfed broke through the Mockingbird programming, all that's left is like I said…does it hurt your "feelings"? To be that out of touch with reality & disconnected from the majority to such a point of cognitive dissonance & delusion must suck…to actually believe or fall for ANY of the lies you & the tiny minority holds as truth must suck. Echo chambers can do that to you…thank God the people have finally snapped out of it, & its literally the old adage of the frog incrementally boiled, ya'll turned the heat up too fast & the frog jumped out, so thanks for your lunacy…it caused non political unaware "normies" aka 60% of the public to wake up & acknowledge the truth, thanks for pushing them to that point, cuz it was you & your lunacy that caused this. So now you have a choice, get out of the echo chamber, take a look around at what's really going on & take a long look in the mirror & ask yourself, why don't you know whats real & if you want to change & come join the rest of us in reality or stay in denial & go down with the ship. Times up, there's been a paradigm shift that's irreversible for probably at least 3 generations, if not more, and you can come join us, we've missed you, OR, go the way of the DINO

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