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SNL returns: Jim Carrey, Maya Rudolph, Alec Baldwin tackle first debate in season premiere

Actor Jim Carrey debuted as Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in the first episode of Season 46 of “Saturday Night Live” on Oct. 3. This was the show’s first in-studio episode since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    That was a long time to have new material.

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    Why are they in oerson? That's stupid.

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    Proud boys are not white supremacists!!! The chairman is Afro-Cuban 😂

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    Too much narrative to explain it instead of letting us watching it ourselves.

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    What a fraud of an organization the WAPO is !
    Way to remain unbiased !
    Apparently journalists have been replaced by clowns in a 2 ring circus.

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    Trump mocking Joe Biden then INSTANT KARMA. Are you not entertained?

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    SNL hasn't been "funny" for 20 years

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    Biden has no energy. He’s acting nothing like him.

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    Ministry of Truth

    Irony is always funny. An orange man possibly coughing up green is hilarious.

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    Jim was the best lol lmao

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    Lol, mathematically trumps a JOKE!

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    Millions of Americans have not received the Financial Assistance they need and have been SUFFERING!

    Pelosi keeps DEMANDING another $1 Trillion for the State Governments, so the Republicans can't pass her greedy bill.

    Then she blames the Republicans for our suffering!


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    Absolutely it’s fine for comedians to go after A government corrupted by greed and power that has become the Domestic enemy The Founders warned of

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    Been a left Liberal all my life. But when I started to realize that
    mainstream news agencies are nothing but 'Perception Management Firms' ,
    firms which read the 'script' of the highest bidder. I started to see
    the common narratives. Narratives which demonize and humiliate anyone
    who might expose these news agency's 'agendized' narratives…. I mean blaming racism on any particular President
    is laughable. That is what 'systemic' means. Its in the system. I started to
    actually listen and watch Trump with an open mind when I realized he also sees
    mainstream news agencies as fake and corrupted news reporting.
    Meanwhile, he hasn't taken America to further to war in his term, as
    Obama and Bush jr had done. How many of the Presidents of the last 50
    years can say they haven't gone to war for the Corporate war-mongers who have been running the US
    Administration ever since? I get it that he wants 'legal' immigrants….immigrants who pass through the long
    and slow process of checks and balances prior to entering the US.
    He does not want the country to be inundated with illegal immigrants. Pretty simple.
    On the other hand, he is a businessman who has made amazing strides in US relations with Saudi
    Arabia, China, Russia, India and North Korea. He is not a war-monger.
    Let's not forget his is honest about lowering corporate
    taxes to bring back investment into the US , knowing that keeping
    corporate tax rates high will only drive business to set up shop outside
    the US. He demanded that the NATO member countries start paying their
    fare share of the defense budget, stating that the US
    will not shoulder the budget anymore on its own. He knows there is
    still no replacement for oil dependency ie: cars, trucks, tankers which
    burn bunker fuel, airplanes, industry, and even industry to build
    electric cars. So he admits he works with the oil/gas industry.
    Meanwhile I have discovered that the Democrat's major funder is George
    Soros. That shyster's funding ought to raise a little concern for any
    Democrat. It sure got me thinking differently. And trump is the only
    President that continually attempts to alert voters to the dangers of
    the Deep State (International Banksters and their fiat currency….along
    with characters like Soros and Bill Gates…and their lap-dog
    mainstream news agencies). Trump is the only President who has dared to
    stand up and tell us that mainstream news is as corrupt and fake as can be. Just follow the money trail folks.
    Who funds mainstream news agencies? Who writes their 'scripts'? and while
    you are at it look into: Who funds the World Health Organization and
    funds through the back door the CDC? I've got the links, after
    searching outside of 'compromised' news agencies and search engines for
    months. I dare you to have a look yourself. I mean look at the
    'narrative' of the debate itself, being similarly babbled by all mainstream networks.

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    trumps trigger finger

    WP finally leaves the comments open on one?….usually they fear it

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    1:34 I can"t help noticing the disappearance of the orange hue on the buffoon's face.

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    And at 3:31 "white power" for those uninitiated with washington post.. There's a bit of poor timing,

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    Tell It to My Heart

    Let me explain you this joke with a dead voice.

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    Best one ever.

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    I hope he gets better.

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    Jim Carey for president
    Carey 2020!!!

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    Drone Your Homes

    Are you really only mocking the Trump side. You guys can't report news accurately, and then you use S&L as a model, you still can't report accurately. Just keep digging, just keep digging. Digging your own grave WP!

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    Trump and Johnson both mocked the virus and ended up catching it. SNL spent the night mocking Trump for getting the virus, as did many libs. Difference-Trump and Johnson NEVER mocked PEOPLE who got infected. Congratulations SNL. You have officially sunk lower than Donald Trump..

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    Karma should've listen to the scientists should've wore mask more Mr. President.

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    The Darkside of the Planet

    Biden is probably asleep during this, so democrats will tape this, to put it on when he wakes up and watches it in the seniors hall, after he gets his nappy change, gets fed breakfast, has his bib cleaned, and given his morning dose of medication… then has his carers remind him, this was what he was told to say the evening before

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    President is working relentlessly from day one for Americans. Thank you, Mr. President. We pray for you.
    We are very much angry with CCP, Hooligans of China for attacking us. We believe CCP is criminal org that threatened the existence of people of world. It must cease to exist.

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    xExplosiveMurkx MC


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    Pass after pass for Joe Biden

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    Bring back MAD tv.

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    America: you get what you deserve 🖕😂

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    Not a native English speaker here, but Trump's 'starting to feel good' doesn't sound grammatically correct

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    Legacy Investment


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    It’s not funny that over 200,000 people died while the “leader” of our country downplayed it! Constantly lying about a deadly virus for re-election and money! Its also not funny that republicans basically tells old people to sacrifice their selves for our economy! It’s also not funny that those people didn’t get the same treatment as the one who called it a hoax and gave two craps about it,or the people! It’s also not funny that he couldn’t of been a role model and an adult,and wear masks! It’s not funny that he keeps doing rallies! It’s not funny that out of all those who didn’t deserve to die,the biggest and foolish one didn’t! I don’t have no words for his recovery. Our lives are in Gods hands! Our lives are His will! My prayers are for him to find God! Instead of his “Christian” followers praying for the recovery of a man like trump,they should pray he gets saved by God! Real Christians are new creations! We are to hate,not approve and condone,the things God hates! Eph. 6:5-6! Ez. 3:18-19!!!! They want the best for him they should tell him he needs to seek God and change his ways! That’s caring! 1Cor. 5:11, I am writing to tell you that you must not associate with those who call themselves believers in Christ but who sin sexually,or are greedy,or worship idols,or abuse others with words,or get drunk,or cheat people. Do not even eat with people like that! Prov. 24:1-2,do not envy the wicked,do not desire their company;for their hearts plot violence,and their lips talk about making trouble! Prov. 22:24-25,make no friendship with a man given to anger,nor go with a wrathful man,lest you learn his ways and entangle yourself in a snare! Prov. 17:4,a wicked person listens to deceitful lips,a liar pays attention to a destructive tongue! Saints are to judge those left behind! How can you judge someone you support and approve of! 1Cor. 6:2!! You aren’t standing up for God! You’re standing up for the devil,Matt.12:34;Is. 5:20!! This man goes against everything God is,stands for,and teaches us to live and be! God says remember what He has taught you!!! Prov. 4:13-21!! You people aren’t standing up for Christ! You are going against Him! Mark 7:6! You choose He said! Stop acting like God condones trumps ways,actions,heart,and what comes out his mouth! That’s only you! How can you judge a person you approve of? Are you going to even get that chance to be a saint that judges! People don’t like this,take it up with God! Those are His words! And there are many more verses!

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