Home / News / SNL makes Jim Carrey's Biden a fly on Mike Pence's head | USA TODAY

SNL makes Jim Carrey's Biden a fly on Mike Pence's head | USA TODAY

“Saturday Night Live” also included a special tribute to the late Eddie Van Halen from the show’s musical guest, Jack White.

Two flies land on Mike Pence’s head during ‘Saturday Night Live’s’ version of the debate, including Jim Carrey as Joe Biden and a reincarnated Herman Cain.

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  1. Avatar

    Jim Carey the Canadian killer

  2. Avatar

    SNL quit being funny about 6 years ago. 💯🤮👎🏽

  3. Avatar

    I love Jim Carrey so much. Lots of love

  4. Avatar

    Snl became unfunny after season 1 when everyone left or was removed.

  5. Avatar

    I knew that fly would become EPIC

  6. Avatar

    very classy snl , making fun of a man that passed away , this is why normal people cant stand these entitled pampered rich good for nothing celebrities, snl died a long time ago

  7. Avatar

    Whats going to be seriously funny is watching people like Carrey when Trump wins again, you think this lunatic is crazy now, just hang on, these fools are going to become dangerous.

  8. Avatar

    Ahahahahhaaa… Jimm the best )))

  9. Avatar

    What a dumb no class show. Spoofing a dead man? Do you get any lower?

  10. Avatar

    Another pathetic attempt at humor……Is Saturday Night Live!….(the show sucks to infinity and beyond)

  11. Avatar

    Is the president of the United States stupid or ignorant? The new coronavirus is made in the United States. The Illuminati card has already told the world! D. Trump, stop telling lies with your dog's eyes open! Don't stir up the hatred of the American people against the Chinese people. The United States spreads the virus to the whole world, but slanders China. Such "American values" will only accelerate the destruction of American prestige in the world!

  12. Avatar

    What if it was opposite.. Think about it…

  13. Avatar

    Rich liberals

  14. Avatar

    I was surprised by the Herman Cain fly. I thought it was over the line but it did remind people that you can get the virus and die by not taking precautions.

  15. Avatar

    And they show the guitar that wasn't the one made by Eddie Van Halen. Great attention to detail.

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