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Smerconish: There's a feeling this thing is getting away from Trump

Poll after poll shows Biden with a commanding lead nationally and in battleground states. But remember how many predicted a Clinton landslide in 2016?
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    Get out and vote. I got my ballot and voted. Please do your part and register and vote!

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    TV Networks, Google, YouTube, etc. cannot manufacture “Phantom Viewers” because of the ad-counter. They would have to pay for each viewer in ad-revenue. For NBA-BLM, Emmy n Oscars, those programs will demand $$$Hundreds of millions if not billions in ad-revenues. Cable-Box ad-view counters and payments do not lie.

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    Victoria Borzillo

    Republicans confiscated 150 thousand mail in votes why?????????

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    CNN knows nothing.

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    Biden's campaign is He and the PRESS, nobody else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Lol, getting away from the president? Dude do you pay attention to the enthusiasm surrounding Trump at every event he does? The guy is loved by the majority of the World, not just Americans. Turn on a Biden gathering, its pathetic. A true embarrassment that he is representing the democratic party. The only landslide you will see is Trump coming out bigger and better than even the 2016 elections. Your baked to think Sleepy will win by a landslide LMAO!!

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    Just a quick observation by a Canadian. In 2015 we elected a radical left prime minister, he immediately divided strong liberal ridings to make it almost impossible to vote him out. He inherited an 8 billion dollar surplus and in 5 years has managed to turn that into a 1.5 trillion dollar deficit. My great great grandchildren will still be paying for this incompetent fool. He has gone from scandal to scandal and so much corruption that he doesn’t even try to hide it anymore. He has shut down the government since March so that he can do what ever he wants, without having any oversight what so ever. He opened up our borders to hordes of people coming in without being vetted. He has allowed people to become citizens over the internet. If anyone raised concerns over this you are labeled a racist or worse. He has attempted to get the intelligence wing of the government to monitor the internet for anyone criticizing him or the government, thankfully the military said they wouldn’t surveil their own citizens. He has paid off the media, so they only report good things about him. He is attempting to disarm the citizens of Canada so they won’t be able to fight back. He has destroyed our energy sector, and made it almost impossible to get any large projects approved. He has concentrated all the power in Ottawa. In our parliament he refuses to answer any questions at all, and is just as likely to start talking about his socks for the day. This man has been a failure of monumental proportions to this country. If you are able to draw any parallels between what we are going through here in Canada and the Biden/Harris platform, please consider your vote wisely. You don’t want to bring this kind of corrupt government in on yourself.

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    Trump is trying to kill us all especially women, people of color and immigrants.

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    A huge difference is that americans was tired by the clintons, and they dont want a female president because so many is still living in 1800s……the orange clown can win, sure, but it,will be more difficult after so many trusted him in 2016 as wanting and being able “to do something different”…man he did something different, he killed 250.000 (by election day) and screwed up all international relations, lost 200.000 production jobs, 1000s farmers went buttum up….and and and…but american voters got a really bad memory, so maybe he will win.

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    There is no hope Trump can win this because you know that the postal vote will work in Biden's favour it is more already decided . The Democrats are taken no chances this time ,thousands of people are voting for joe that are not aware they voted . Its over now . Trump would need a massive landslide to overtake the fake vote and you know that and so do MSNBC and CNN and many more.

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    the russian are lurking out there somewhere. their trolls and bots (and facebook) are working overtime! and

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    Repent the day of the Lord is at hand

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    Polls are trash get OUT AND VOTE

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    Socialist Democrats are cowardly bullies and we must stand up against them. Be proud to be an American. Candace Owens for POTUS 2024. Shame on the media.

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    Trump will be removed by the voters, and Trump will be the extreme right gun loving leader,calling on others to stay in power,

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    I agree, the polls a rigged to make it appear Biden is leading. Makes me sick! If Trump wins, it will because HE rigged the election!!!

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    Hopefully we won't have the head of the FBI come out with a big lie to sway voters at the last moment. It is really horrible that anyone at this point support the liar, criminal, sexist, racist, mean, stupid, uncaring, Trump.

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    No one is going to win an election with something half the country believes to be voter fraud. The President is going to win this election, and there's an end on it.

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    Vote Biden for higher taxes, vote like your life depends on it.

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    It's very clear. Vote him out! This is the last 4 years in 4 minutes. Can't afford that again.

    #thisisnotamerica #election2020

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    Trump winning

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    Trump winning

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    Why does Biden say "HARRIS/Biden" administration????????????????????????????????????

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    Trump is obviously winning this election by a large margin. The Democrats have never put up such a loser duo before either. Trump 2020 – Keeping Promises.

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    I'm voting for the safety of the people I love.

    I'm voting for jobs and businesses who don't deserve to be burnt down.

    I'm voting for the next generation, for school choice.

    I'm voting for jobs and bringing manufacturing back.

    I'm voting for the right to protect myself when the police can't.

    I'm voting for proper and real justice.

    I'm voting for the respect our men and women in blue deserve.

    I'm voting for all lives.

    I'm voting for the men and women who fought for my freedom and way of life.

    I'm voting for our nation and it's historical achievements.

    I'm voting for the right to explore our space system.

    I'm voting for to have my opinion without being bashed, yelled at or repressed.

    I’m voting for legal immigrants, not illegal ones.

    I’m voting for babies who don't deserve to have their limbs removed and heads crushed at 8 months.

    I’m voting for a way forward.

    I'm voting for America 1st, not last.

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    There is not an honest presenter on MSNBC or CNN in my opinion . they are all bought out. I feel especially ashamed by Lawrence O Donnell an Irish person who came from a very respected family in Ireland but who seems to have sold his sole for Money.

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    I can't claim to be a Biden fan but I can definitely help trump lose by one of the most embarrassingly huge margins in US history

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    Cnn quiere a EEUU socialista

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    Why cable-box viewer counters for ad revenue cannot be manipulated easily? If Google, YouTube, Twitter, TV networks create phantom viewers they need to change 1) viewer counter, 2) ad-payments, 3) bank transactions, 4) tax revenue based on ad-revenue income.

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