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Small Spider Steals From A Giant Spider | Trials Of Life | BBC Earth

A nephila spider catches its prey in an impressive web, but a smaller spider has its eyes on the food.
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The Trials Of Life
Sir David Attenborough continues his study of animal behaviour in the third instalment of his award-winning Life series. Beginning with the ways in which animals arrive in the world and ending with the extraordinary techniques they employ to reproduce, the Trials of Life is one of the most comprehensive wildlife documentaries ever made. Taking some three and a half years to make, Attenborough travelled almost a quarter of a million miles to complete this fascinating and insightful documentary.

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  1. Avatar

    I'm starting to think brain size is irrelevant. This was a preplanned caper…and adjustment on the fly. so to speak.

  2. Avatar

    this is the first sly coopers soundtrack in the swamp with the huge serpent???

  3. Avatar

    Could it be the bigger spider invaded the smaller spider's web first? Maybe it was the smaller spider's nest at first place. Nice play BBC earth.

  4. Avatar

    This was my favorite spider that I have ever caught as a kid. It was practically twice the size of my hand back then. I was deathly afraid of it at the same time I was fascinated by it; I was shivering while holding the bottle trying to look at it. It was quite docile but very intimidating. The one I caught was black all over and had the same colors as the one on the video except the abdomen was black with stripes running its back.

  5. Avatar

    I be seeing these in the wood , that why I don’t go in the woods anymore 👀

  6. Avatar

    Imagine running through the woods and run straight thru that web with the big spider .. gives me chill to even think about it …😱💀💀

  7. Avatar

    Cute sneaky little spider. 🙈

  8. Avatar

    Ela devora tudo que cai rede Lindo vídeo parabéns BBC..

  9. Avatar

    Was waiting for at least one of them to pull out a straw.

    Nice to see they in on the bye plastic straws as well. 👍

  10. Avatar

    Was waiting for at least one of them to pull out a straw.

    Nice to see they in on the bye plastic straws as well. 👍

  11. Avatar

    Was waiting for at least one of them to pull out a straw.

    Nice to see they in on the bye plastic straws as well. 👍

  12. Avatar

    Robber: im stealing for dis bank!

    Small Spider: Put yo hands up spidy first.

  13. Avatar

    David Attenboroughs voice sounds so different

  14. Avatar

    next he starts selling coke and vcr’s on the local corner!

  15. Avatar

    The giant spider in this video looks like the one in Japan.

  16. Avatar

    The small spider is black

  17. Avatar

    Wow!! Talk about 1) a
    smooth criminal and 2) the blind stealin from the blind. Amazing!!

  18. Avatar

    Why do people in the comments say the title is wierd? It sounds fine to me.
    Small spider steals from a big spider.

  19. Avatar

    One of America’s top ten criminals

  20. Avatar

    3:00 Am i the only one laugh at this moment when the little spider flung away from its footd? He might holding the wrong end of the web when he cut it XD

  21. Avatar

    too cute to watch, so I didn't.

  22. Avatar

    Ugh this is cool, but also makes my skin crawl.

  23. Avatar

    Theiving ass lil spider…Lol the big spider go check the refrigerator later and realize his meal he put up is Gone😭😂

  24. Avatar

    what thought processes allow blind animals to thrive in the wild? A blind human would die quick without help…. unless you open your 6th sense

  25. Avatar

    Spiders steal and are ruthless, just like other creatures in life, just like humans!

  26. Avatar

    Na natureza animal …O tamanho por vezes não é relevante …a destreza e a sagacidade neste caso são a palavra certa para este roubo!! O roubo fez-se e não houve tempo de apanhar o/a ladra(ao) e a sua presa… é pequenina mas uma estratega nata em linhas de seda cheias entrelaçadas. Para esta aranha foi o roubo do século? !? É aspirante a um David?!!

  27. Avatar

    The small spider stole his frickin car!!!!!

  28. Avatar

    Giant spider: am i a joke to you??

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