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Sky News' A-level results clinic, now the results are in

With turmoil raging over exam grades in England and Wales, Sky News speaks to students and educators for an A-levels clinic.

It included:

Debra Humphris, Vice Chancellor, University of Brighton and Chair of University Alliance
Mary Curnock Cook, Former CEO of UCAS
Natasha Devon MBE, Student Minds Trustee Author

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  1. Avatar

    So many students have been short changed.the government is a shambles

  2. Avatar

    I thought that old mate on the right had a Snapchat filter on

  3. Avatar

    A-levels Lives Matter.

  4. Avatar
    Mobbdeepak McMacaveli Shakoor

    Watch the Corbett Report on YouTube.

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    Mobbdeepak McMacaveli Shakoor

    List of organisations funded by the Gates Foundation:

    The Tony Blair institute for global change

    Rockefeller university

    world health organisation

    Oxford university

    Oxford university press

    Wuhan institute of virology

    European commission

    Population council, Inc

    Population services international

    International Alliance for Biological Standardisation

    Imperial College London

    Murdoch children's research institute. (Yes that's Murdoch as in Rupert Murdoch the executive chairman of News Corporation and the current chairman of fox corporation)

    Comic Relief, Inc

    Digital Promise Global

    CDC foundation

    Planned Parenthood

    African Union Development Agency

    Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations

    International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

    Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products

    Swiss Tropical & Public Health Institute

    US Chamber of Commerce Foundation

    AbMax Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

    Robert Koch Institute



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    Bill 'mad dog' Gates

    They will all be chipped and vaccinated soon so it doesn't really matter, welcome to the new normal.

  7. Avatar

    So basically, too bad-so sad. Word salad circle talk.

  8. Avatar

    Mrs Doubtfire spoke very well I thought

  9. Avatar

    Unis arnt here to help us. I got rejected by uni of Liverpool which was my firm and I rang up to speak to them and they had no idea how to answer my questions.

  10. Avatar

    Teachers cheating for their favourites. Middle class female teachers giving girls the best grades.

  11. Avatar

    I'm worried about my son who's gcse's are next may but he hasn't been to school since march …so how will that work out fair for him 🙁

  12. Avatar

    I feel sorry for this year and next years students

  13. Avatar

    Sky news as life forms on your tiny planet…no more fake news.. be honest as life forms … the universe is teaming.
    with life.. see it…. feel it.. its yours.
    To see the wonders..

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    Poor Portia and Rupert won't be getting their grades!!

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    Prasat Reak Reay Women Clinic Official

    BEST STUDENT ASSESSMENT exam strategy of Covid-19 pandemic

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    There is no easy answer to this dilemma…if the exams were postponed how does one predict a 3 month tuition and tutoring run up to an exam that may be in the middle of the next Covid lockdown?

    We are in between those thinking they have a better grade than they expected/ deserved for doing nothing and learning nothing and those feeling hard done by as they were not even awarded their mock grade. And we all know that we didn’t bust a gut swotting for mocks.

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