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Sir Keir Starmer: 'no reason for civil war' within Labour

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has told Sky News he was “disappointed” in his predecessor Jeremy Corbyn’s response to a damning antisemitism report – but has insisted there is “no reason for a civil war” in the party.

Watch his full interview.

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  1. Avatar

    So everyone’s just cool about anti semitism? If he was anti semitic he should be suspended! Instead of fighting with ourselves we should pushing for the tories to review into their own party – I voted twice Corbyn we lost in a landslide stop living in the past and back Kier!

  2. Avatar

    Personally, I thirst for a party which would simultaneously express genuine nationalism and genuine socialism. Some kind of nationalist socialist party. I don’t hold out much hope though.

  3. Avatar

    Remember the headline "Corbyn hosts anti semetic event" In reality he was hosting a holocaust memorial event during which a Jewish lady who went through the holocaust made remarks

  4. Avatar

    "Sir" Keir Starmer, a bloody joke of a politician!

  5. Avatar

    Just because someone is against the actions of the state of Israel doesn't mean they are against Jews.
    Someone or other was going to prevent Corbyn becoming PM anyway and it happened to be Israel and Israeli influence.

  6. Avatar

    Sir Starmer is a Zionist who wants to conflate anti-zionism with anti-Semitism

  7. Avatar

    Tony Blair caused this mess.

  8. Avatar

    Labour is a disappointment full stop 😂😂

  9. Avatar

    The labour party is dead is run by the zionists and isreali government. Like is most of the western world

  10. Avatar

    I want to see Corbyn and his brother Piers start a new party, the anti bullshit alliance has a great ring to it.😂👍😘

  11. Avatar

    This interviewer very clearly highlighted Keith’s inability to stop reading from a script!

  12. Avatar

    Shame on starmer. And all that support this idiot , this fool will be half the leader Corbyn is! 🇺🇸

  13. Avatar

    The Labour Party is atomised .
    Conservatives are all corrupt, narcissistic, career criminals…

  14. Avatar

    Why does he keep harking back to the past which is now being dealt with. Surely what he is doing and saying now is what matters.

  15. Avatar
    Archbuild Daedelus

    there is every reason for civil war within the UK. The power lies with the proles. Rise up!! stop the scamdemic

  16. Avatar

    God he looks stressed, a worried man.

  17. Avatar

    Starmer just trying to please the general public & manipulating media for favourable treatment, nothing new… but it will back fire.

  18. Avatar

    This the guy who said the met need to say sorry to Jimmy

  19. Avatar

    Keir will never be forgiven for this

  20. Avatar

    This man has absolutely nothing to do with the Labour party.

  21. Avatar
    FreeScotland Fromengland

    Never vote liebor or CONservatives…
    They are the elites owned party's…
    Starmer is Blair 2.0

  22. Avatar

    check out interview with Gabor Mate a renowned Jewish Doctor and his son Aron Mate journalist with Gray Zone .They discuss how Jeremy Corbyn was much maligned and misquoted. How these comments are twisted for political reasons.

  23. Avatar

    Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn's GoFundMe is going through the roof and has just hit over £360,000 when it had an initial target of only £20k. At this rate, Jeremy could potentially start up his own party etc.


  24. Avatar

    Lots of idiots on the comment section…. its NEVER corbyn faults… two fail election, shambles on BREXIT, weak on delegation and still its other ppl fault

  25. Avatar

    Keir Starmer, a shameless lackey of the tribe who rules de UK.

  26. Avatar

    Not a Labour supporter but this is what leadership looks like – respect.

  27. Avatar

    I don't like Labour or Corbyn but this is messed up.

  28. Avatar
    Old king Cole Albion

    Clear the swamp. Get rid of Ash moustache and Owen whinger. These are the fascists behind Corbyn.

  29. Avatar

    Is it true that in his youth,
    Keir was the voice of Zippy?

  30. Avatar

    This man should not be leader of the labour party, as he's not fit for purpose.

  31. Avatar

    Is it true that they couldn't give Keir a covid test, because they couldn't get the cotton bud up his nose?

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