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Sipekne’katik First Nation Chief Michael Sack to hold media availability | LIVE

Chief Michael Sack of the Sipekne’katik First Nation on Sunday said his band is “potentially facing a million dollar loss” due to community constraints of not being able to sell their lobster.

Sack said they are facing losses because “intimidation” is being used against businesses within the communities.

Sack said it was “great” that Nova Scotia RCMP have laid arson charges in connection with a vehicle fire that happened on Oct. 13 outside a lobster pound on the south shore, but said “it’s just a fraction of what needs to happen.”

“We got people that are getting threatened daily. Like I receive emails, text messages, messenger. Threats are there on a regular basis,” Sack said Sunday.

Police say they responded to a disturbance​ and when they arrived at the scene, officers dealt with a vehicle that was “on fire and heavily damaged.”

At the time, the lobster pound in Middle West Pubnico, N.S., was being used by Mi’kmaq fishers.

On Oct. 13, the facility was swarmed, vandalized and ransacked by a large crowd of non-Indigenous commercial fishers and their supporters.

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  1. Avatar

    This is what happens in an unfair society. The liberals are at fault , exploiting and dividing

  2. Avatar

    One set of rules for all. Don't fish or hunt out of season

  3. Avatar

    If your fishing out of season you should be charged, Same as if you are burying smaller Lobster you should be fined

  4. Avatar

    Sell them in Canada instead of overseas on the illegal market.

  5. Avatar

    I'm not listening to any culture that could not even invent the wheel to transport their tent dwellings.

  6. Avatar

    Liberalism, sounds so sweet, does not mean anything liberal.

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    We, the globalist, r shutting down the system.
    U won't stand tall, for your birthrights.
    So, we will make you bend your knee. We already control you.
    We use the Sin, Social Insurance Number to track your employment,
    you r our fiction straw man.Your parents voluntarily Registered you.
    Thru our birth Certificate ponzis scheme.Making u r slave.

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    What would HO CHI MINH do with these hockey dummy McMook'$ that BULLY his people…

  9. Avatar

    Natives now want the ARMY and POLICE any other time they have no RESPECT for the ARMY and POLICE.

  10. Avatar

    How come you "neutral" media don't get the other side of the story?

  11. Avatar

    Corona19 is being used, as a Cover. To overthrow your liberties.
    And break us, for "The Great Reset". Which is to commence.
    Jan 1st 2021. Can President TRUMP stop it.?

  12. Avatar

    Treaty of 1752:

    It is agreed that the said Tribe of Indians shall not be hindered from but have free liberty of Hunting and Fishing

  13. Avatar

    The SCC in 1999 upheld the treaties signed in the 18th century to allow for fishing and trapping for food & to maintain a moderate living without defining what constitutes a moderate living The Federal government bought a large number of lobster fishing permits and gave them to the First Nations and paid for fishing equipment including boats & traps; apparently many of these license are now leased back to non Indigenous. All license must come from the DFO; this altercation is about Mi’kmaw prodicing their own "licenses" and fishing out of season. The season is defined to protect the species population from plunging & being no longer viable fro any fishing.

  14. Avatar

    Look at all these racist people below in the comments, it's our right to fish in/out of season because it's in the treaty signed off my the government since the 1700's.

  15. Avatar

    I'm always pro indigenous peoples. But if they insist on poking a bear… sad to hear of their loss. It was clearly totally criminal. But this is 2020, and they might need to start getting some form of acceptance of that. The old ways might no longer be realistic. We have fished, and fished and fished as if the resource is never-ending. It isn't. First people, or colonial, we are all humans, and we all get to suffer our species bad choices. Lobsters aren't infinite, regardless of whether we depend on them.

  16. Avatar

    Before the media came,the acadian Fishermen were lighting torches and making lynch mobs..now that the world is watching they're playing the victim card…all over Facebook "let's tie them to barbwire!,huh? No we're bullying!this is our water! What cameras? Quick! Put the torch out!". Oh the backpedaling.
    The mob even threatened the reporters by calling "TRESPASSING!" smh
    You can see the lengths that they went so that the MIKMAQ couldn't tell their side of the story.
    All I can say is watch the footage. A picture is worth 1000 words my friends.

  17. Avatar

    Personal Income Tax, is a voluntary Act.
    It says so, in the word "ACT" at the top of the Notice.
    Governments use trick words to deceive you into a false sense of reality.

  18. Avatar

    I hope they keep the pressure on these people till they accept the same laws and regulations we all have to follow! They want to separate themselves from the majority which is a form of racism that the native people have caused upon themselves! Keep up the pressure till they crack!

  19. Avatar

    Like it or hate it. There should be one law for all Canadians. If not this type of things are going to keep happening.

  20. Avatar

    guess they havent noticed most restourant closed , and rich not eating lobster but rice

  21. Avatar

    Set up a road block like you are use to doing

  22. Avatar

    All of Canada can come together and unify …

    Their hate for natives. Sad.

  23. Avatar

    First nation people are always fighting . The government are still trying to get rid of us . Just to bring in more imaginats. That's all of u all !!!!

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