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'Simply not correct': Daniel Andrews and Peta Credlin continue press conference sparring

Victorian premier Daniel Andrews and Sky News pundit Peta Credlin have continued to spar during his daily news conferences, with the Labor leader rebuking her questions. Credlin, Tony Abbott’s chief of staff during his time as prime minister, probed Andrews on the use of private security at quarantine hotels and the use of ADF personnel, drawing denials from the premier about the accuracy of her statements. “I’m not going to stand here and have things put to me in an attempt to perhaps have them put to me so often that they become the truth,” he said

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  1. Avatar

    He makes me sick got the nerve to raise his ears .yes you cop it mate cop it and reveal the truth stop covering up ya mess

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  4. Avatar

    It's a shocker this incompetent and liar is still in the role of Premier at this day and time.

  5. Avatar

    Put Peta Credlin back in her box! Here she is again, twisting the facts in an attempt to trip Dan up.

  6. Avatar

    she works for sky. 'nough said

  7. Avatar

    Peta Credlin for prime minister

  8. Avatar

    He makes my skin boil!!!!

  9. Avatar

    Peta for prime minister.

    This is the hottest thing I have ever seen a woman do.
    This is equal to Dixie Chicks – not ready to make nice.

    'I'm quite sure you will finish' 🤣🤣
    Said with passion.

  10. Avatar

    Someone is cracking under pressure, the truth will prevail with the paper trail. Dan Andrews you are a dud.

  11. Avatar

    Is he for real🤮

  12. Avatar

    Idle threats Andrews

  13. Avatar

    He will go down in history as the worst premier

  14. Avatar

    Peta Credlin has Dictator Dan by his 🏀

  15. Avatar

    Andrews doesn't realise PETA Credlin has all the timeline written down to make sure her details are correct- she's nobody's fool- he's such an arrogant p***k – keep going PETA – as a lawyer, he should know she will have done her homework 👍🏿

  16. Avatar

    ""put to me so often that they become the truth''
    Isn't that YOUR strategy stand by your Dan?

  17. Avatar

    Go Peta! "The stakes are to high"! Yes minister they are, because you and others are guilty of manslaughter for the incompetent management of this virus debacle.

  18. Avatar

    Peta burned again typical shes used material

  19. Avatar

    So…. the comments here seem to indicate that Peta Credlin… from SkyNews… is honest… from SkyNews, you know, the 1 to 1 copy of FoxNews in the US. Ok.

  20. Avatar

    The most evil man in Australia"s history He is a serial killer several times over If only the press and the main stream media had called him out months ago we'd all be safe now But not the case The Media are as guilty as him!!!! If he had his way he'd have Let's gagged and thrown in prison just like they do in China

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