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'Simplicity is genius': Anthony Joshua savours victory over Andy Ruiz Jr

Anthony Joshua says his points victory over Andy Ruiz Jr in their heavyweight title fight came thanks to his new back-to-basics gameplan. ‘Tonight it was just about winning and trusting my process,’ he said. ‘ I just took it back to the old school, 70s style … hit and don’t get hit’
Anthony Joshua outfoxes Andy Ruiz Jr to dance back into the big time

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  1. Avatar

    Simplicity 💞💞💞

  2. Avatar

    My greatest mentor(AJ) said stay humble stay hungry.

  3. Avatar

    Round 11, AJ moved like Mohamed Ali ~ Ruiz knew he could finish the fight any minute but had no chance!!!

  4. Avatar

    But why you couldn't even KO Ruiz as a revenge for the humiliation that you suffered under his punches last time? As for me you did better in the first fight than last night, period, because at least you did "Ko Ruiz once" in that fight which you couldn't do last night due your passive approach. what you went home to improved on was how to careful and how to be running from Ruiz's punches and not necessary to improve on your over all "confidence and your boxing". Congrat though!!

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    They both class acts all the Aj haters are having strokes now

  6. Avatar

    He can’t take a punch like Andy… Glass jaw Joshua

  7. Avatar

    Aj got no balls coward all he did was run away fromandys fistyellow black

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