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Simona Halep stuns Serena Williams to win first Wimbledon title

Simona Halep played a near-flawless final on Saturday to become the first Romanian woman to win Wimbledon. Her win wrecked Serena Williams’s latest bid for a record-equalling 24th Grand Slam title. 
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  1. Avatar

    Great winner! 🎾

  2. Avatar

    "Stuns" Serena Williams? Halep is ranked higher, and is a much better player than Williams – it was expected that she would win easily so the word "Stuns" is truly absurd. What a dominant beatdown Halep threw onto Williams today, an utter mismatch. Congratulations Simona.

  3. Avatar

    I have been saying this since the second match of serena. Wimbledon draws placed her not only with low ranked players but she was given a place at the end mostly (except for one match when it was cloudy weather). Today in the sun, she was out of breath in such a short match.

  4. Avatar

    Boring….no meltdowns from Serena !!

  5. Avatar
    Mikhail Litvinov

    Stuns, how is that? This wasnt even close lol

  6. Avatar

    The lame brain media pundits keep expressing their surprise and shock that the HIGHER RANKED PLAYER won. Go figure. What's so 'stunning' about that?

  7. Avatar

    Great news!! Congratulations to Simona for her awesome victory! She dominated & denied SW from matching Court's record.

    Makes all Romanians very proud of her, she is such a graceful & respectable champion.

    Felicitari, Simona, esti o campioana adevarata, ne faci mandrii sa fim romani!

  8. Avatar

    Nice to see skill beating brute force 😜

  9. Avatar
    The Melanated Square #SYSBM!

    I'm shocked that Serena didn't have another meltdown!😃

  10. Avatar

    Congratulations to Simone, a brilliant performance from start to finish.Ive been watching Wimbledon for over 35 years now and that is probably one of the most impressive performances I've ever seen in a final.

  11. Avatar

    The background music is far too loud.

  12. Avatar

    The women's game stinks and has for a very long time. Every tournament is a different winner or seems like it anyway.
    Serena, like Tiger has no virtually no competition that she had to stare down tournament after tournament. Try and tell me Sharapova or Davenport will ever be considered great players. Henin and Clisters could have been great but they quit too early.

  13. Avatar
    Constantin Romita Malina

    Simona Halep performed off the field. This girl is as magical as it is. You can not love her!

  14. Avatar
    Private Thoughts

    The big bear took a fight as he never took it from anyone else

  15. Avatar

    …pentru farfuria aia de tabla s-a batut Simona ??? Are la Carrefour set de 4 farfurii din alea + o tigaie bonus…

  16. Avatar

    Mr Willi pa pa 😀💊💊🗜🗜

  17. Avatar

    No- 1 beats No-11 and the media is aghast ,really !

  18. Avatar

    Bravo simona!

  19. Avatar

    Serena lost the exact same way against Sharapova in 04' I legit think she's throwing these matches. Why though??? $$$$

  20. Avatar

    Cool head Simona was breezing through court and retained her superiority by her flawless movement. Serena had no chance. Hug the Champion Halep n congratulations for your superb skills. Catic from Hong Kong.

  21. Avatar

    Fantastic game!

  22. Avatar

    What does she say? "If I want to do something intense?"

  23. Avatar

    The only way williams would have won is if Simons was left Bound and Gagged in locker room

  24. Avatar

    Simona Halep Like
    Serena coment

  25. Avatar

    Karma is a wonderful thing 🤪

  26. Avatar

    Halep destroyed Williams with effortless power and stamina ( stunning )

  27. Avatar

    you should have some sorrow for Serena

  28. Avatar

    Romania 🎉🎉🎉Simona Halep 🥇🎉🎉

  29. Avatar

    The tittle should read, Simona Halep RUNS OVER sireno williams . . . . But the media don't want to appear RACIST, now do they?

  30. Avatar

    Romanian pride ♥️😍🇹🇩

  31. Avatar

    Simona Halep sets sights on Olympics after fulfilling Wimbledon dream ► https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/jul/14/simona-halep-wimbledon-serena-williams-2020-olympics-tokyo

  32. Avatar
    Richard Aguilar

    So happy to see Serena lose…she's tired, overweight and sooooo slow. Serena played the race card in her U.S. Open lose is 2018 and wanted to blame the umpire for the lost, it's time to go Serena. No one for you to blame for the lose, Halep ran you over.

  33. Avatar

    Watch out Simona. Serena now will hate to lose to you again. In fact look out for her to humiliate you on Court just like you humiliated her on Wimbledon CC. Yes, Serena was devastated but angry too that she was made to look slow and ineffective.

  34. Avatar

    Women’s tennis should go best of five sets!

  35. Avatar


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