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Silenced and shut down: Kashmir’s year of lockdown | The Listening Post

It has been more than a year since New Delhi scrapped Indian-administered Kashmir’s special status. Why has the region’s history been so hotly disputed – on the ground and in the news media – since India’s independence from the United Kingdom more than 70 years ago?


Rahul Pandita – Journalist and author, Our Moon Has Blood Clots
Siddiq Wahid – Senior fellow, Centre for Policy Research India
Nitasha Kaul – Associate professor, University of Westminster
Suhasini Haidar – National and diplomatic affairs editor, The Hindu
Aarti Tikoo Singh – Foreign affairs editor, Indo-Asian News Service

Against all odds: Reporting under Kashmir’s communications blackout

What has the revocation of Article 370 – and the security lockdown and communication blackout that followed – meant for Kashmiris and the journalists trying to tell their stories?


Anuradha Bhasin – Executive editor, Kashmir Times
Peerzada Ashiq – Senior journalist, The Hindu
Syed Shahriyar – Photojournalist

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    Incoming angry Indians

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    Blacklist India or it will be too late for the world to see what is gonna happen next.

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    BJP and RSS are followers of nazi's and have destroyed Jammu and Kashmir but as lost trust of kashmiri people

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    Good job India! Love you Modi! Please take care of your beloved Hindustan!

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    Long Live India!

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    The World needs to unite & free Indian occupied kashmir from the fascist Modi (BJP/RSS).

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    26:10 "Something Is Smoking 🤣"🙏

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    Please show us the current situation of Baloch and Gilgit. And what's about uighur muslim status in China? ..I don't think you should worry for Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmiri people are happy being an Indian😊

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    Thanks Al Jazeera.. wonderful post Indian media is forced to ignore this important bit…

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    I m from kargil

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    Teacher Beheaded in Paris

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    From the outside, it seems like the logical conclusion when resources and money is scarce, that people begin competing with each other and blaming each other.. we are seeing this phenomenon in all nations.. religion and race are usually the most effective scapegoats

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    Thank you for talking about Kashmiri pandits, no one mentions them at all.

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    Totally one sided jounalism as expected from Al-Jazeera

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    Thanks Aljazeera ❤❤❤ from kashmir

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    why dont you cover a story on pakistan occupied kashmir

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    Thanks for explain 😘😘

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    Thanks to al jazeera for providing wonderfull report fairly. I am from india . I will definitely ask to our govt. Why journalist are targeted by security forces

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    Deepak Tiwari 12A 8904

    Just another hypocrisy by Al Jazeera 😉😄

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    If they attack you through Islamism
    You respond through Islamophobia.

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    Kashmir is doing good,nothing happened in Kashmir.

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    Qurat ul Ain Abbasi

    I wish i can make Hari singh gandu alive and show him see mother …where is kashmir freedom art 370 reason for your union

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    Kashmir is developing and having a healthy growth other than the disturbance from Pakistan Sponsored terr or rists and Se paratists.

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    Muhammad Abdul-Rehman

    FREE KASHMIR!!! Stop Indian State Sponsored Terrorism!

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    funded in whole or in part by the qatari government
    Well….we believe u, lol. Sigh.

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    Can anyone has stock of Burnol here? Guess tons are required for Pak and Cult Sympathizers here. Their @$$ is burning. I can smell they are roasted by our Army. Jai Hind.

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    Why Al Jazeera is spreading fire in Kashmir… This Channel always works on a set propaganda and shows only one side

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    This is an internal issue of India
    And now everything is going well, that's why you want to fire again with false agenda

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