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Should the UK sell riot gear to US police?

Some US police have been widely condemned for using excessive force against Black Lives Matter protesters.

Now, we can reveal that UK-made anti-riot equipment is being used by some of these officers.

The UK government says there is ‘no evidence’ of this. But we can show you exactly what kit is being used, who it is being used against, and why this matters.

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  1. Avatar

    WTF coarse it's OK to sell legal riot gear to our allie.

  2. Avatar

    Please stop supporting usa fascism before our democracy is taken.

  3. Avatar

    Major UK retailer Sainsbury's has admitted that it is so unsafe for BAME employees that it has to have separate spaces for them. It also has admitted to an "ethnic pay gap". Why are Sky not reporting on this flagrant example of racism?

  4. Avatar

    Your going to need to sell anything & everything to pay for all your welfare.

  5. Avatar

    Safety equipment is racist 😂😂😂 sky news where left wing opinion becomes fact

  6. Avatar

    Take a look at what HongKong police force have done to HK protesters. That’s brutality and suppression, crackdown on human rights & freedom lovers. But in US, that’s law and order, not brutality.

  7. Avatar

    Sky news UK would would rather send them to the rioters.

  8. Avatar

    An absurd topic narrated by a left-wing moron! We just put a rocket on Mars. Only an idiot would think we can't make plastic shields ! The United States will simply
    manufacture shields without the U.K. The guy complaining is a rioter. How about U.S. naval vessels and aircraft stop protecting the U.K. with an essentially non-existant naval and air arm ? This is why many U.S. citizens hate the U.K.
    The United States has no real need to purchase ANYTHING from the U.K.

  9. Avatar

    Yes we should support law and order. How about rather asking the question of supplying chlorine to countries that use chemical weapons.

  10. Avatar

    What absolute cancer this is.

  11. Avatar

    I don’t understand why Sky News had to conduct a report on this topic.
    I believe that we all share the same idea that weapons and etc. shouldn’t be utilised unlawfully by anybody.
    But do a handful of bad police officers justify stopping the distribution of these shields ?
    I mean we also invented knives in order to cut things , should we now ban the distribution of knives because some dull people decide to use knives as a weapon to harm other people ?
    Of course not because there are more people that use their knives (weapons) rightfully.
    Police officers should always be equipped with the best tools and gadgets, as they fight for our safety and guarantee the collateral of all people .
    Hence one can say that this kind of argument does not even make sense, because there will always be bad apples and good apples. If the majority of police officers used their weapons unlawfully then I’d support the idea of banning these weapons. But cherrypicking videos solely showcasing police misconduct doesn’t account as a reliable source, because everybody can distort the image with negative videos.

  12. Avatar

    Terrible….. I Agree …..

  13. Avatar

    Wasnt a cop killed recently in the UK with a Gun? How are thoes Gun Laws working out?

  14. Avatar

    Id love to know British riot gear was being used to beat down the racists of blm 💪🏻🇬🇧

  15. Avatar

    Simmer down there redcoats.. jc

  16. Avatar

    What an utter waste of resources and time.

  17. Avatar

    Short answer: Yes
    Long answer: YEEEESSS

  18. Avatar

    Fasces = Strength Through Unity
    Examples in History:
    1.  Aesop's Fable – "The Old Man & His Sons."
    2.  Bulgaria —  "Khan Kubrat."
    3.  Shakespeare —  "King Lear."
    4.  Japan Movie —  "Ran"  混沌.
    5.  Canasetoga — Chief of the 5 American Indian Tribes.
    6.  John Ford —  American filmmaker, "Strength In Unity."
    7.  King Spatopluk of Slovakia & the lesson of the 3 twigs.
    8.  King Solomon of Israel — one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves, but a cord of Three is not quickly broken.
    9.  Norsefire — Sci-Fi futuristic post apocalyptic film.

            Strength Through UNITY.!!
            It's The Only Way To Defeat
                            ANTI — Fa
                          ANTI — Unity
           ANTI — Fascist who Hates Unity
              and are PRO — COMMUNIST

  19. Avatar

              Fasces = UNITY (see: history )

                ANTI – Fasces = ANTI UNITY
    ANTI-FA Hates Unity (see: Their Website )

  20. Avatar

    Looks like the shields did what there designed for…. if your causing riots expect the police to be in riot gear dummies

  21. Avatar

    2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

  22. Avatar

    Its the police that are in question here.

  23. Avatar

    Sky news trying to ou twoke the BBC

  24. Avatar

    Rioters and anarchists should have a free pass?

  25. Avatar

    Must be a quiet week for news if this nonsense is being aired

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