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Shattering Korea’s cement ceiling – BBC News

In South Korea, nearly 90% of victims of violent crime are women. And in recent years, breaking and entering have been on the rise.

Meet Korea’s all-woman repair service, created for women who feel nervous about having men they don’t know in their home.

Produced by: Hyojung Kim and Julie Yoon

Filmed by: Julie Yoon

Edited by: Kevin Kim and Lara Owen

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    Overlord Dankestmemesboi

    You are going to Brazil

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    Great informative video!

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    I am sure there are plenty of women doing these kinds of jobs in North Korea.

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    I'll take a Korean wife, kthxbye.

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    angelatate clownreality

    LOL, shattering Korea's cement ceiling, and Hillary Clinton's glass dome going the same way……anyone might think there's a hidden message in there somewhere.

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    Is this what BBC "journalists" spend tax payers money doing. Articles on South Korean repair women.

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    Gigglemania Runnin’ Wild

    Why is this even news? Report on hunter biden!!! Bbc is so fake

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    Rape is bad, chick is fine. I wouldn't trust her my pipes, except one. 😏

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    my Korean wife can fix my car and do renovations, jealous?

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