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Shadow Education Secretary: 'A circuit breaker would reverse infection'

Shadow Education Secretary Kate Green has called for a two to three week circuit breaker in a bid to reverse infection rates.

She told Sophy Ridge: “A circuit breaker for two to three weeks would mean we would be able to halt and reverse the spread of infection right across the country.

“We could use that time to boost our lab capacity, put proper tracing processes in place and then we would have that breathing space which would buy us time to stop the real danger that our NHS faces – that hospitals are going to be filling up far too quickly over the next few weeks.”

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  1. Avatar

    This is just a lockdown same as we had in March and that didn't work for months, so why should a 2-3 week circuit breaker work?

  2. Avatar

    WiNtEr Is CoMiNg

  3. Avatar

    Another lying thieving crook politico They wreck the economy and don't care because their fatcat salaries are beeing paid while the country looses their employment The only break needed is their rotten necks

  4. Avatar

    Another lockdown won’t do anything apart from destroy the economy even more

  5. Avatar

    Go for it!!!

  6. Avatar

    Epic Fail..The Genie is Out The Bottle…..Let's get back to normal…

  7. Avatar

    She is a Shadow of her former self! What are these ppl basing their findings on? Statistics? Just collect your sellout cheque & gtf. Real eyes, realise, real lies.

  8. Avatar

    two to three weeks…the government have had 7 fcking months

  9. Avatar

    Neo-Marxists crushing our liberty for narcissistic gain

  10. Avatar

    The number of 2020 UK deaths recorded as heart, diabetes, lung disease etc. is mysteriously much lower than average this year. I wonder why?

  11. Avatar

    Freudian slip at 2:59 ??

  12. Avatar

    It all turned into politics now, no one cares about public health anymore

  13. Avatar

    How dare she ruin young people's futures when she's been lucky enough to enjoy gainful employment her whole life. This is so wrong…

  14. Avatar

    They pimpin' hard for this lol

  15. Avatar

    Complete and utter crap!

  16. Avatar

    God I'm sick of these people isnt everybody else

  17. Avatar

    The problem is, the stupid corrupt people are given the mic, and the smart people with perspective are sidelined and censored.

  18. Avatar

    We need to understand the virus soon.we don't have time

  19. Avatar
    Irritating Git With A Grin

    Another murderer of business, the economy and people's jobs.
    The new Communist World Order beckons.

  20. Avatar
    Irritating Git With A Grin

    Note how everyne uses the word RESET
    The Great Reset is the World Economic Forum's video on YouTube.

  21. Avatar
    Gladys Rockefeller

    The lock err circuit breaker

  22. Avatar

    If a lot of people are not following the rules, then something is probably wrong with the rules…

  23. Avatar

    Yes Labour don't let a good crisis go to wake. Sod off and circuit break yourselves.

  24. Avatar

    'A circuit breaker would reverse infection' – this statement is true.
    'A circuit breaker would reverse infection but infection will come back shortly after a circuit breaker' – this statement is also true.

  25. Avatar

    Nice to see social media awake for a change.

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