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Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly in first interview: Breonna Taylor 'didn't deserve to die' | USA TODAY

Louisville police Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly speaks out on Good Morning America.
RELATED: Kentucky Attorney General addresses grand jury decision in Breonna Taylor case

Good Morning America’s Michael Strahan interviewed Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, the officer who was shot during the raid on Breonna Taylor’s apartment.

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  1. Avatar
    Kyara Sakari8066 Shepherd

    That’s so sad

  2. Avatar

    And it only took how many months for him to say this on camera?

  3. Avatar
    You have no power here

    Of course she didn't. But that won't bring her back. It's not enough, nothing will be.

  4. Avatar

    Somebody's lying!!!!!

  5. Avatar

    Cameras should always be required. It protects the police and those who are affected by these policies.

  6. Avatar

    He didn’t ask for forgiveness because he is not guilty or racist.

  7. Avatar

    Someone needs to be held accountable for her death. It was a botched procedure. She was innocent!!!!!

  8. Avatar

    I’m waiting for the fake news to insist the RUSSIANS pulled down Jeffrey Toobin’s pants and played with his penis while he was fully engaged in his Zoom call

  9. Avatar

    Scumbag Sgt. Took an innocent life.

  10. Avatar

    If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you WILL be saved. Pleeeeeeease don’t hesitate, this is about where you will spend eternity—either in Heaven or in Hell. Jesus is the only way to eternal life!

  11. Avatar

    kentucky is run by left wing democrats…Greg Fischer democrat mayor..Andy Beshear democrat governor

  12. Avatar

    Why is their justice system so systematically racist? Given Democrats promises & decades of total control, shouldn’t it be the least racist system in America? If there is so called “systemic racism” maybe we should look into the people who have been running the inner cities for decades. Here is a "UPDATED PARTIAL LIST" ..The last time voters elected a Republican mayor: Chicago 1952. Detroit 1962. Atlanta 1879. Houston 1933. South Bend Indiana 1975. Gary, Indiana 1964. Philadelphia 1952. Oakland 1966. San Jose, California 1943. Austin, Texas 1991. San Francisco 1964. Memphis one Republican since 1967. Seattle 1969. Denver 1963. Boston 1930. Baltimore 1967. Delaware 1973. Kentucky 1969. Rochester, New York 1993. Portland, Oregon 1980. Las Vegas 1975. Milwaukee 1908. Kansas City 1991. Atlanta 1879. Minneapolis 1973. New Orleans, Louisiana 1872. St. Louis, Missouri 1949. Portland, Maine 2000. Burlington, Vermont 1995. Pennsylvania 1952. Cincinnati 1971. Toledo, Ohio 1989. New Jersey 1953. Virgina appointed Republican Mayors (1782–1853) 0. popularly-elected Republican Mayors (1853-1948) 1 1868. city council appointed Republican Mayors (1948-2005) 1 1988. popularly-elected Republican Mayors (2005-present 0. Buffalo, New York 1965. Washington, D.C 1910. Rhode Island 1984. Los Angeles 2001. New York, in the latest round of disastrous governance, has suffered under Bill de Blasio for six years. Sacramento: Typical of Poorly Run Blue-Mayor Cities. Poor Quality of Life: High crime, homeless camps, drug culture, Antifa violence, and Mayor wants more power. Sacramento, CA has been run by Democrat Mayors and Democrat-dominated city councils for decades. And as with other Democrat-dominated cities, Sacramento, like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, and Portland, have become horrific hell-holes, with streets lined with people living in tents and cardboard boxes, there are rodent and bug infestations, human excrement on the sidewalks, discarded syringes and drug paraphernalia litter gutters, and a high illegal alien population. RVs also line these streets, with plastic storage boxes underneath catching the sewer leakage. And residents are just supposed to look the other way. It’s also important to know that the top 10 most dangerous cities in America are run by Democrats. Most of the Mayors of these cities offer very little value to the residents, and spend time only currying favor with big campaign donors and capitulating to Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the far left, as Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg has mastered. The lesson? It's easier to come back from a Nuclear Strike than Decades and Decades of Democrat Control.

  13. Avatar

    After four months of looting, arson, window breaking, vandalism, intimidation, physical assaults, stabbings and shootings by Black Lives Matter and antifa, the first thing on the media’s mind is … getting Trump to condemn “white supremacists”! ” The media’s position on the murderous BLM and antifa riots has gone from What riots? They’re peaceful protests! to The rioters are white supremacist Trump supporters! “White supremacy” is a bogus concept invented on college campuses. You know what’s an organized movement? Antifa — Rose City Antifa, Antifa Seven Hills, Antifa Sacramento, Atlanta “Antifascists” and so on. They’re organized well enough that hundreds, sometimes thousands, of antifa members always know exactly when and where to show up, and what weapons to bring. Then they turn around and celebrate the destruction they’ve wrought (unpunished by Democratic mayors and liberal district attorneys). The left wants antifa to rule our cities, with no pushback from uppity Americans. Democrats use racism as a political weapon against everything they are opposed to, fabricating racism where none exists. And worst of all, ignore their own racism while accusing others of the very thing they have engaged in for hundreds of years. Racism is ginned up by people who want "POWER" and who benefit by keeping Black Americans ignorant, marginalized and dependent.

  14. Avatar

    No drugs. No drug money. No drug dealer. One dead U.S. citizen with no record. No proof this man is not lieing.

  15. Avatar

    "Whatever The Left Accuses You Of Doing, They Are Doing Themselves"

  16. Avatar

    Anyone who defends the innocent from psychotic left-wing violence will be cursed as a “white supremacist.”

  17. Avatar

    Yes actually she did.
    One earns such things by the choices they make.

  18. Avatar

    LEFT WING FAKE NEWS MEDIAS ARE "FASCIST, CORRUPT, RACIST, DEFENDERS OF COMMUNIST CHINA.THEY DEFEND AND PROTECT DOMESTIC TERRORIST GANGS ANTIFA/BLM "THEY ARE THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE" "Whatever The Left Accuses You Of Doing, They Are Doing Themselves" They are liberal hacks, left wing political activists posing as Journalists who is pushing "RADICAL LEFT WING PROPAGANDA"…They are covering up there own Crimes/Corruption/Racism and the Corruption/Crimes/Racism of the Marxist/Communist Democrats, "THEY DECEIVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE" then incite hysteria, racism, hatred, anger, fear, and violence against President Trump, his family, his supporters and the middle class.

  19. Avatar

    President Trump's presidency summary: Investigated for what Hillary did. Impeached for what Biden did. Blamed for what China did.

  20. Avatar

    kentucky is run by left wing democrats…Greg Fischer democrat mayor..Andy Beshear democrat governor

  21. Avatar

    Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  22. Avatar

    Shame on this prick to say his family is the victim. This Sgt is a dirty ass cop. Disgusting. This interview made me more upset to hear this from him.

  23. Avatar

    First thang…what kind of education do they require to be an officer…This is what we have come to…
    Sad comment of things..

  24. Avatar

    This no knock warrant on the wrong household cost Ms Taylor her life. That police department operation was a major screw up. Shame on those bastards.

  25. Avatar

    No one deserves to die but some people help it happen. Like drinking and driving or hanging out with dopers.

  26. Avatar

    Why did they have a warrant for her and why did her boyfriend shoot a cop when they came to serve it?

  27. Avatar

    My 18 year old INNOCENT daughter was ACTUALLY murdered because of REAL SYSTEMIC INJUSTICE that affects people of ALL races. Say HER name – ANJELICA MARIE!
    Killed because of a broken judicial system – Family Court, Probation, and poor prosecution practices led to letting a psychopathic career criminal enter her life, adopt her after 2 years, then killing her and throwing her body in a ditch behind an abandoned building.
    TRUE injustice.

  28. Avatar

    Roses are Red, Kamala ain't Black, Biden is Hiden' and Hunter smokes crack

  29. Avatar

    My most important lesson from all of this is… Don't take your girlfriend with you to an armed confrontation.

  30. Avatar

    Stop serving warrants at night. Stop using swat tactics for every service. Stop being thugs with badges and guns.

  31. Avatar

    Interesting how his level of detail is much greater months later than his first recorded interview with investigators. It appears network tv interviews are more important than an investigation interview.

  32. Avatar

    Marxist Media is adorable 🤗

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