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Sewage could help trace spread of coronavirus infections – BBC News

The Test and trace system in England is facing serious criticism due to long waits for test results and failure to trace cases.

Now in an effort to track of the spread of the virus the UK government has rolled out a new scheme, testing sewage samples.

90 waste water treatment sites in England, Wales and Scotland are testing for traces of the virus in the hope of detecting local outbreaks before they spread.

Reeta Chakrabarti presents BBC News at Ten reporting by health editor Hugh Pym.

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    Mac McMacington McMichael Dos Santos

    BBC is raw sewage.

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    Full of 💩💩💩💩💩

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    Mac McMacington McMichael Dos Santos

    Just when you thought ‘long covid' was a load of bollocks they could me up with this. 🤷

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    Crock of shite.

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    Here in Sweden there have been test of the sewage waters since the beginning of the pandemic, it gives the authorities an idea of how many individuals that are infected in different areas. The levels are not officially reported but is just one of the tools that is used when the epidemiologists are adjusting recommendations in a particular city or area, for example Stockholm. We only take the COVID-19 test if we have symptoms but it's a known fact that you can be infected and show no symptoms at all.
    I would say it's a good move by the UK since you can not seem to get the track and trace thing working, people has to go to other cities to get tested, you are forced to lockdowns etc. Testing the sewage water will give you an accurate idea of how many infected individuals there are and where they are located, it could perhaps also help to lift a lockdown earlier if the levels are low.
    Take care, stay well and stay safe❤

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    Tony 'the phony' Blair

    @Praxis Alba  Some of the 77h Brigade accounts:

    Katie from Haiti
    John Burnett
    Baba Jaga
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    Praxis Alba
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    Scum spawn***
    Public public
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    Cricket England
    Arthur Fox-Aches
    (And all the sexbot accounts)

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    If they can measure how strong the virus is this could actually be a great system

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    Are you kidding me testing the shit now you lot taking the piss or what

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    Scott’s northern vlog

    Just goes to show it dosnt affect the majority so why the fuck lock the country down, keep old and vulnerable people in, everyone else sign wavers, it should be down to us the people if we can go out or not risk our selfs not government it’s a dictatorship not democracy

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    Very appropriate for the BBC, which is full of crap.

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    Everyone is now boycotting test, track and trace TYRANNY
    Plan b = pretend they've found alleged covid in the sewage of any town or city they want to lock down.
    no need for public track and trace or testing cooperation…
    Just straight up tyranny.
    But serco, g4s and the other parasites will still get billions from tax payers money regardless.

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    Don’t be daft

  13. Avatar

    What is going on this lunacy? gets beyond comprehension.

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    The bits an pieces Man

    What shit

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    Media is a devil lier

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    This got me thinking could coronavirus in the water we drink ? ….yea I know it sounds ridiculous right ?

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    No it is the land of make believe, no one actually knows. Take your mind of it. The next thing will be worse than this one. How long does a washing take it does say 59 does that mean minutes. What happened to breathing in and out.

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    The fundamental flaw with the logic here is that Sewage pipes are never cleaned or disinfected

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    RL9 Bayern_Legend

    The only reason I worry sometimes (as it's so cold now) is to not catch winter flu to be honest, each year loads of people get ill during this season and old people have also died from flu, yet the media didn't have an interest in speaking about it

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    BBC= deep state project fear propaganda and lies.

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    Nothing new this has been happening since the begining. Try reporting something of use bbc

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    It sure can.. Parliament is full of Sewage scumbags.

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    Should I put the contents of my cat litter tray in the toilet and flush to help along with the tracing of Covid in my area?

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    Its funny how people are getting tests in and have not send them back and got letters in to say the have it. They are making up all this shite.

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    SireN SoN of the SeA

    Excellent idea! Good luck hahaha you going to need it

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    talking shite as per usual

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    Kuno Von Dodenburg

    Lots of sewage comes out of the BBC.

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    Anything to pin point it to even one person huh? Government takeover.

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    Looking for more local lockdown excuses are we🙄

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    This plandemic needs to stop. We need to protest. The virus is over. You're just trying to control the british people

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    On a serious note.. Trace back to 2019 when Flu prevention vaccines were delayed until November, when there were more flu cases of people collapsing and being hospitalized days after having them. I was in contact with my father in law, who was called up for the flu jab last November, after becoming seriously ill with it. I was off work until after Christmas with a flu like ive never had in my lifetime. My partner caught it from me who was hospitalized in January. Then my 17 year old son csme down with a cough so bad, he statrted coughing up blood. 4 eldery men living within 20 metres of eachother where i live, who were always out together, went for their flu Jabs 2 weeks ago, one died 3 days ago, the other 3 are paralysed from the waste down. If they were all from different areas, i wouldn't think any different. But when i found out this. It made me think about last year when myself and family came down with flu type illnesses, which coincidentally led me to remember the timing of my Father in laws flu Jab. I believe its Genocide of the eldery and passing on the tail end of the virus to households which is slightly weaker but not strong enough for childrens immune system, as its not in our system directly, as it is with a vaccine. . They are putting a stronger strain of live influnza in vaccines, which are causing all this. I

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