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Seven people detained after special forces end suspected hijacking on tanker off Isle of Wight

About 16 Special Boat Service commandos board the Nave Andromeda and regain control in seven minutes.

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  1. Avatar

    Death to Pirates

    This worked for 500 years

  2. Avatar

    Pirates ……. riiiiiiiiiiiight

  3. Avatar

    The boats are getting bigger!! Why did the military have to intervene? The result will be the same whether they were arrested on board the boat or just allowed to claim asylum when the ship docked.

  4. Avatar

    Detained, fed, watered, housed, job done.

  5. Avatar

    7 Philippine'0's disgruntled for not getting paid for months constitutes a mutiny not a hijacking

  6. Avatar

    I ho I ho it's off to penally we go

  7. Avatar

    7 people detained…S.B.S…involved..?…Great bita P.R…🤣

  8. Avatar

    line them up aim shoot jb done fk this softly approach enuffs enuff

  9. Avatar

    Europe struggling

  10. Avatar


  11. Avatar

    The 7 stowaways are now at the Savoy on the strand with permanent residence and full uk citizenship.

  12. Avatar

    Brilliant job!👌🏻

  13. Avatar

    hi jackers wouldnt no what hit em dont mess with them sbs boys we all know they was sas not sbs

  14. Avatar

    Your the best thankyou ♥️⌚👀

  15. Avatar

    quickly don't think, scary foreigners are going to destroy the country, the masterclass Torys will keep us safe.

  16. Avatar

    How much has this luxury rubber dinghy cruise cost the tax payer?

  17. Avatar

    the usual suspects then.

  18. Avatar

    They will get a hotel room, free food, free cell phones and all they ever desired

  19. Avatar

    We will now never hear the end of this from Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain

  20. Avatar

    My guess is one of the silly hijackers or stowaways probably mentioned to the police that we have a bomb on board

  21. Avatar
    Alexander Robinson

    Britain's finest 🇬🇧👍

  22. Avatar

    Has anyone had a look in the 27 dinghies being towed behind the tanker?

  23. Avatar

    🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧Class work from the SBS 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  24. Avatar

    Nice little training exercise for the SBS it was nothing more because the so-called hijackers were just stowaways trying to get into the country and clearly said they said we have a bomb at some point to the police

  25. Avatar

    Knowing our government they'll probably be given £1000 and a free stay at a 5 star hotel..

  26. Avatar

    I am the captain now

  27. Avatar

    No one knows what really happened😂
    I don't believe anyone would try to Hijack Oil Tanker 20 miles away from UK mainland.

  28. Avatar

    7 minutes job done ! Home for tea and medals 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  29. Avatar

    Should of shot them end of

  30. Avatar

    Obviously just some joggers out jogging mistaken for pirates.

  31. Avatar

    This is an act of piracy. Let’s see the government’s reaction. Hotel and universal credit already been arranged?

  32. Avatar
    papadi washington

    Limahong is back…

  33. Avatar

    seven hijackers all now getting tea and toast in the 5 star hotel, along with the other 500 that came in at dover this week.

  34. Avatar


  35. Avatar


  36. Avatar

    FFS return to sender the hostile illegals, no legal aid JUST GET RID

  37. Avatar

    7 people detained, not dead, what a shame

  38. Avatar

    Good luck these ones are yours England!

  39. Avatar

    The stowaways probably just wanted to get to the UK and the hijacking was plan B, if they got caught by the crew. This sort of thing could become a new tactic.

  40. Avatar

    Do the SBS boys still belong to their families and us .or Boris police thugs.

  41. Avatar

    Them hijackers will be out in time for supper in dinner in their 5 star hotel.

  42. Avatar

    Piss up in POOLE tonight-awsome job thx

  43. Avatar

    What a farce get to stay in the UK after this if that was the intention .
    How bloody daft ,stupid ,idiotic, maronic are the government of the 🇬🇧.
    Only got to see how they virus is going their to cofirm that .

  44. Avatar

    British special forces are the best in the world. Fact

  45. Avatar

    Second time this has happened in uk.

  46. Avatar

    Bet they were trying to sabotage it

  47. Avatar

    wealdstone raider seen helping ronnie pickering taking control of tanker

  48. Avatar

    Clearly a fantastic opportunity has been missed here!….they could have fed the native fish!…..

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