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Seven in custody after special forces end suspected tanker hijacking

An oil tanker docked in Southampton hours after special forces raided the vessel and rescued the crew from a suspected hijacking.

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) tweeted that according to “initial reports” the crew were safe and well.

About 16 Special Boat Service (SBS) commandos boarded the Nave Andromeda off the Isle of Wight on Sunday evening and regained control.

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  1. Avatar

    First mission in cod 4 😂😂

  2. Avatar

    BBC: Peaceful hijacking and they should be allowed to stay in the UK as these are the kind of hard working migrants we need to replace our scientists, engineers and nurses.

  3. Avatar

    bravo to all forces 🤘

  4. Avatar

    Their lucky to be alive, most countries would have shot them to pieces.

  5. Avatar

    Why are they still going on about this? It baffles me

  6. Avatar

    The pirates when being interviewed first words . They want asylum and free legal help. They cannot return home as they will be killed. Therefore they want taxpayers to pay for the rest of there life in the UK. But later when got passports want to go back to Nigeria .To bring there family's to live in the UK with them. Or send for them later when got home sorted out. As once here its nearly impossible to remove them.

  7. Avatar

    Terrorists not Stowaways Sly News 😡😡😡

  8. Avatar

    1:45 "8pm in the evening"??? Oh ok then, was he also standing vertically and drinking wet water ?

  9. Avatar

    "Bravo six going dark"

  10. Avatar

    If this was the states they’ll deffo make a film about it 🤣😂

  11. Avatar

    All the comments saying asylum seekers your probably wrong…I suspect terrorists that would probably have come ashore if it wasnt for the crew rumbling em. Could well have dodged a bomb there. And I dont get the Gary lineker digs what's he said to upset the Brexit lot then?

  12. Avatar

    No matter what the cause , using innocent civilians as hostages is inexcusable . There lucky not to get their brains blown out which they didnt deserve . Anyway , kudos to the British special ops guys and the usual British common sense .

  13. Avatar

    Actual news from Sky…who knew they had it in them?

  14. Avatar

    Deport them Immediately without question Illegal , otherwise Millions will follow as an attempt to enter the "Land of Milk & Honey" with huge benefits for all – Lollipops and Ice Cream and all Free Today !

  15. Avatar

    They better not be given a five star hotel

  16. Avatar

    Nigerian Pirates of the Carribean

  17. Avatar

    Let them stay in the gated communities of the liberal open border touting Linekar types

  18. Avatar

    I challenge Sky News to follow this story and find out what happens to the 7 arrested and report on what finally happens to them .. I bet they won’t though. Story will be forgotten about as the illegal immigrants will get asylum even after threatening the crew

  19. Avatar

    And just like the surviving terrorist that took over the Iranian embassy (that the SAS raided) this 7 will get new identities. Because this countries justice system is pathetic and soft as baby sh**

  20. Avatar

    Pity we couldn't use the same methods to deal with the illegals crossing the English channel , both pirates n illegal crossing into the eu are illegal and as important to deterring wrong doings !

  21. Avatar
    insidegrowsite420 joeblogs

    Proud to be British

  22. Avatar

    7 in custody in a 5 star hotel and thier £40 allowance.

  23. Avatar

    They can stay at Gary Lineker's house.

  24. Avatar

    All fake and staged.

  25. Avatar

    Send these criminals back 7 stowaways turned VIOLENT

  26. Avatar

    I bet Boris Struwelpeter didn't know a thing about it…learned it from the news😂😂

  27. Avatar

    Process, detain. Imprison. Deport on release

  28. Avatar

    Tenna bet says they're put in a 5 star hotel and get a house a piece by the end of it.

  29. Avatar

    They are acting like they saved us from world war 3 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  30. Avatar

    "An unusually public operation"

    Indeed, Boris needs something to make him look good.

  31. Avatar

    why does this sound like a xXx seen lool

  32. Avatar

    Pirates! – did they raise the Jolly Rogered?

  33. Avatar
    huawei thirteenmegapixel

    they've all been given council flats

  34. Avatar

    Give them a house and a British passport…why not kick some British people out there home an give it to these

  35. Avatar

    chi-nuke. Haha.

  36. Avatar

    No doubt they`ll end up with UK citizenship. Absolute joke system.

  37. Avatar

    I took from this report that 16 'commandos' from the SBS, albeit with sniper support, took control of an entire tanker ship in 10 minutes without needing to hurt anyone (much). Remarkable.

  38. Avatar
    Gunter the penguin

    "LOOK AT ME! …I am de captain now…"

    "…Take as to De Queen"

  39. Avatar

    I bet the seven arrested, get released on bail, disappear somewhere in the UK, to never be seen again

  40. Avatar

    carry on chaps

  41. Avatar

    All toastie in the slippers and dressing gowns, while picking the colour scheme for the new house. And im not joking either.

  42. Avatar

    Respect to the SBS

  43. Avatar
    reffoelcnu alouncelal

    Basically a storm in a tea cup .

  44. Avatar

    They’ve got what they wanted

  45. Avatar
    Peter Istrate - personal

    They turned pirates(criminals) not stowaways.

  46. Avatar

    Who didn't know it was shìtbrèèds just from the title..

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