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Senior doctors fear rise in Covid cases as hospital beds fill across UK

As the number of coronavirus infections continues to rise, senior doctors are warning that NHS beds are filling up fast. (Subscribe:

On 1 October, 96 per cent of hospital beds in England were occupied. There are currently 3,044 Covid patients in English hospitals, an increase of 1,995 from a week ago.

In Scotland, the number of Covid patients in hospital yesterday was 317, more than double the week before. In Wales, there were 277 patients yesterday, up 66 from a week before.

While in Northern Ireland on Tuesday, there were 106 Covid patients in hospital, up from 89 a week before.

At the same time, the proportion of people being contacted by track and trace is going down, not up. ———————–
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  1. Avatar

    Don't really care about the infection rate!
    It's the DIRECT death rate I am concerned about.

    And unfortunately for the media the death rate is so low and so stable.

    That all they can talk about is the infection rate 😂😂😂

  2. Avatar
    Flowers inherhair

    That guy's wall would be a decent green screen

  3. Avatar

    People need to wake up!
    We now live in China!
    No freedom of speech.
    No freedom of assembly.
    No freedom of movement.
    Lock our children up in universities, JUST LIKE CHINA!!!!

  4. Avatar

    Senior doctors have all been indoctrinated by those who control the drug companies. We need a public inquiry into the drug companies, the NHS and the germ theory of disease in front of a Grand Jury.

  5. Avatar

    Karl Pilkington has let himself go…..

  6. Avatar

    Why is the world gone quite on where this evil virus originates from.

  7. Avatar

    Herd immunity guy in hiding and working from home! What!

  8. Avatar

    Tens of thousands have died this year when vital healthcare was withdrawn due to the lockdown.

    And you all cheered and clapped as they died.


  9. Avatar
    The Purpose Driven life

    my advice drink lot acid, vitamin c fresh greens apple juice lemon water eat Banana, except orange juice,
    Coronavirus big problem economy in the world, so hard.

  10. Avatar

    Total bullshit!

  11. Avatar

    It's amazing just started my treatment again and now where looking at lockdown because people can't follow the rules

  12. Avatar


  13. Avatar

    This is your daily dose of propaganda

  14. Avatar
    Egglike Abirdsegg

    Duuuuuh, maybe its an airborne virus and having people rely on mask wearing was a stupid idea duuuuuuhhh, smallest mask holes are 100s of microns and viruses are 4 microns wide

  15. Avatar
    Egglike Abirdsegg

    Do we know 100% these aren't flu patients that may also have traces of covid? Is this higher than standard flu admissions for this time of year?

  16. Avatar
    Egglike Abirdsegg

    Because its flu season I call BS, this time of year the NHS is always full

  17. Avatar
    Egglike Abirdsegg

    When this started up in April I thought they'd spin the normal flu season into a covid panic

  18. Avatar
    Egglike Abirdsegg

    It's like 1984 where they change history, and they go from friends to enemies with nations but the state rhetoric is they've always been enemies, and in the same way the rhetoric now is that hospitals weren't always full at winter

  19. Avatar
    Egglike Abirdsegg

    Also is it true that some hospitals have a lower capicity due to social distancing?

  20. Avatar

    more scaremongering by perfidious scumbags!?!?—-https://youtu.be/32YIWS2UGZI

  21. Avatar

    As usual, save our species while trashing others.

  22. Avatar
    Russian Métropolitan

    The most moronic incompetent useless government in the history of the country

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