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Senate trial: Trump's team begins its defense

President Trump’s legal team began their defense presentation in the Senate impeachment trial on Jan. 25, by suggesting Democrats had not presented the full facts of the case. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Avatar

    "Trump's lawyers are not gonna tell you the fact" So they are lying dipshit, America deserves the facts, the truth, and respect of the goverment. Get him out of here he has disrespected this nation!

  2. Avatar

    I hope they still move Donald Trump

  3. Avatar

    Donald Trump he doesn't knw how to be a presentation is for..

  4. Avatar

    God bless America and punish the Dems and the fake news that always lie to the American people. Let's all pray for president Trump and for the American people.

  5. Avatar

    I love how people are bashing the Washington Post, bc they just ran a video that wasn't mean hated towards the Republicans.
    Hahahaha…I love to see them triggered!

  6. Avatar

    Very smart lawyers in Trump's defense team. Game over for Shifty Schiff

  7. Avatar

    no one will vote republican any more i can see the truth we all can

  8. Avatar

    When I was a kid..I wanted to be a Republican 😔..but Dad said that means I'd have to lie to get girls…what a bummer..😤

  9. Avatar

    be sure to screen shot your comments guys. washington post is deleting comments that hold them accountable.

  10. Avatar

    And what’s so sad about this is I thought Republicans were for country first not for a party. This is not made up stuff from the Democrats remember there was a whistleblower who gave us the first inkling that something was wrong. Coming from law enforcement we can take a Hollywood director to court for abuse of power but we can’t take Trump something is wrong here. When did we lose the concept of right and wrong in this country. You can clearly see that this president is acting like a criminal and it doesn’t matter what party they come from. At this point it is not about a party and if you people keep saying it’s about Democrat or Republican you are wrong! It is about honesty, truth and justice.

  11. Avatar

    The reason I say tht bcuz how many things he has done.first of he had fired the whole reports who has been at the White House who does tht so on.U ask me Donald Trump he has alot to learn for wat a presentation Watz for

  12. Avatar

    Adam Schiff is a man of many, many, many words. I think the Repubs will get him on procedural issues. Schiff overplayed his hand by not going to the courts to get witnesses.

  13. Avatar

    Hypocrite entitled Dems crying foul when the entire house impeachment was just that. Selective leaks, closed door meetings, denying Republican witnesses/experts. Then again, that is your typical white liberal. Spoiled brats, their way or the highway.

  14. Avatar

    Most people forget that Trump was supposed to open up the JFK files. His cover-up up and association with deep state Russian / CIA assassins is clear to anyone watching.

  15. Avatar

    This is the most corrupt team of defense to defend the most corrupt president ever in history.
    You don't hear what your hearing
    You don't see what your seen
    You don't feel what your feeling

  16. Avatar

    Republicans are to destroy their own party.
    This presidency will be an embarrassing stain in our history.

  17. Avatar

    I've got an idea,
    Let's throw them ALL out Reps & Dems alike and start over.
    Let's fill all of the seats with the working class and see what happens (instead of career politicians that sway to the deepest pockets).

  18. Avatar

    Just remember that the gop senators and even the house reps are no longer on the side of the laws and constitution of this country. They’re on the side of donny boy and his family and cronies and their corruption and are perfectly fine with him wanting to turn America into an authoritarian autocracy instead of keeping it a democracy and they’re perfectly fine with donny boy allowing foreign countries to undermine our democracy and national security. I can go on…

    But seriously, this is why we can’t ever trust the gop to have anymore power in the House and Senate ever again. We’re better off as a country with qualified adult Democrats controlling both chambers of Congress permanently and the White House.

    This is why I as a registered republican will be voting democrats only no matter who because I cherish and appreciate the benefits there are to having a democratic government with qualified adults running the country and having constitutional rights and I just in general refuse to let trump’s hate, fascism and corruption and oppression, bigotry, xenophobic cruelty and racism defeat my country’s values.

    So who’s gonna vote Democrat no matter who this November 3rd, 2020 with me so our country and democracy can permanently be saved? trump and his cowardly gop enabling lapdogs need to go, governing for all of America when it comes to doing what’s best for it’s values and laws and democracy and constitution doesn’t mean as much as governing for putin and the nra and doing what’s best only for themselves and doing whatever will help fill their pockets does. The gop only care about keeping trump and his family and cronies and the power and greed, they don’t care about the constitution and laws and democracy of this country.

    Once again this is why we have to create another blue wave where this time it happens in the Senate in addition to voting out trump. Plus we have to help the Democrats keep the House too. If trump gets voted out and the democrats don’t control both chambers of Congress, we’re in trouble. Remember that. Don’t ever forget the gop stopped governing for America when it came to doing what’s best for the laws and democracy of this country, they bent over backwards protecting trump from consequences they know he should suffer from when they know his wrongdoings are indisputable. Do any of you really want these kinds of people having power in Congress? I sure don’t and I am a registered republican.

    The gop and trump need to be permanently thrown out of power. It’s urgent for this to become a reality.

  19. Avatar

    The most corrupt and incompetent president ever
    That offends our military heros like our hero John McCain

  20. Avatar

    FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS FAKE NEWS! just a test to see if they delete this comment.

  21. Avatar

    So why reps are not going to allow first hand witnesses?

    Or allowing them would mean hating the president?

  22. Avatar

    Democrats come across as pathetic, deranged lunatics.

  23. Avatar

    you have to be literally R3tarded to believe anything the dems say at this point.

  24. Avatar

    Democrats always looking for evidence of something….and yet, still no evidence… They literally didnt think he could go 4 years without them catching him up in SOMETHING but yet, they still have nothing…wasted tax dollars

  25. Avatar

    okay so i cant say "re re"? wow that is petty. grow a backbone.

  26. Avatar

    Trump will hopefully die from a heart attack then we could all live sooooo much happier knowing he is burning in hell. 😊

  27. Avatar

    I'm still waiting for the facts from Trump defense team . Repeating facts and facts but they haven't shown any facts. Let's start first with evidences to prove that Trump's withholding aid based on "corruption and burden sharing". There must be directions and internal correspondences between WH OMB, DOD, State Dept, etc. to reason the withholding aid. Please show us evidences to proof your talking point. Don't just all talks.

  28. Avatar

    So the best Trump team can do is to interpret House managers' evidences in their own views, attack House managers and procedures. I dare them to disclose any new evidences to defend Trump actions.

  29. Avatar

    Gues they spoke for 2 hours and no more only becase they no more to say. Even this was unorganized and unconvincing. They denied things proven by the House. Sekulow's claim that Trump had reason not to trust his own FBI and intelligence was a tour de force of nonsense. The only thing he did not say was "That's why the President trusted Putin instead."

  30. Avatar

    American Democracy as a socio-political experiment is proving to be a failure. Democracy as a political theory goes against the natural, historical structure of things. Get over it…

  31. Avatar

    He did say he was paraphrasing… you do know what that means right?

  32. Avatar

    Trump strengthened Ukraine by extorting them to announce that they had committed a Cyber Attack on America and not Russia.

    Yea it helps ukrain alot to implicate themselves in an attack on America while at the same time exonerating the enemies who have invaded their country. Super helpful, especially given they didnt and our entire intelligence community and allies support that RUSSIA DID IT NOT UKRAINE.

  33. Avatar

    after hearing sars try to pretend theyre the ghost of mccain and lecturing the american people about why corrupt clinton scam services and rigged mueller time promises run the presidents priorities, americas team can just simply corroborate the obvious, that yes, the president is the president and was elected enthusiastically. they could almost send bill nye to do it.

  34. Avatar

    Can we get some more witnesses,testimony, and evidence? Why not? Democrats 24 hours of testimony and facts > RepedoPutinkkkucks 2 hour 2of lying and misrepresentation of facts🤣. Better ask the orange shart for the password and key their penis locks RepedoPutinkkkucks.

  35. Avatar

    The Democrats didn't have to tell anyone anything, again, because, if you all had watched the impeachment trial, THE DEMOCRATS DID TELL YOU THAT. Lol. Woe. Trump's lawyers has no defense, at all. Trump's lawyers are putting on a show. The Lord God is watching, too.

  36. Avatar

    Cipoilone, how was Donald Trump acting in our best interest by sending Rudy Guilliani, his personal lawyer to do government business, for the American people? You lawyers and Donald Trump are LIARS. Satan is a liar, and, the father of liars.

  37. Avatar

    Prosecution should show the two following videos, juxtaposed.
    1. Defense arguing that prosecution has not presented full facts of the case.
    2. Trump stating that he is in possession of the documents, and refuse to release.
    Speciousness, par excellence.

  38. Avatar

    These are mostly debating tactics called FALLACIES of relevance. They are used when the debater or lawyer/s Don't actually have a leg to stand on to defend their side. So, they attack ad hominem. Which means they avoid discussing anything relevant and, instead, attack the motives, character, or any thing else that comes handy in order to deflect, obfuscate, muddy the waters, and ruffle everyone's feathers.

    It means, their client is guilty and that they know it. But that's kind of obvious what with the refusing to let anyone look at the actual transcript, rather than a summary of the call, not letting anyone see relevant documents or question actual witnesses.

    It's too bad your client is guilty, boys. But in law, as in debate, you can still win even if you're wrong. So, I'm going to wish you all the bad luck possible, or maybe an epiphany where you realise we are all brothers and sisters, and that you are only hurting yourselves when you hurt others. But I'll probably have to settle with the bad luck I hope you have, won't I?

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