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Senate Races Move To 'Toss-Up' Rating As Democrats Chances Improve | Meet The Press | NBC News

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Senate Races Move To ‘Toss-Up’ Rating As Democrats Chances Improve | Meet The Press | NBC News

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  1. Avatar

    BLUE WAVE. Get all the Trumpers OUT.

  2. Avatar

    Look up the 2018's elections when dems took back the house. Looks a lot like that in today's elections. Republicans can't help it they just wont vote for the policy that actually help the average worker. The polls are leaning toward Democrats for a reason.

  3. Avatar
    phillip kalaveras

    5 things that will come to pass… (1) President Trump will nominate a new Supreme Court Justice and she will be confirmed before the election. (2) On November 3, President Trump easily wins reelection and will gain a Supermajority in both houses. (3) On November 4, the Democrat Party will fracture into 2 Partys. (4) The Supreme Court will rule that since President Trump was impeached during his first term he can and will run and win in 2024. (5) In 2026 work will begin on adding President Trump to Mount Rushmore.

  4. Avatar

    miss feinstein EDD ever pay day they been counting down my bank it was at 26,987.00 used 7 weeks of regular pay and 19 weeks at fed (care act) and (LWA) BUT MY BANK IS DOWN TO $900 LEFT ONE CHECK LEFT .this is wrong what there doing PLEASE HELP

  5. Avatar

    I thought so too? Did something change?

  6. Avatar
    brazilflight brazilflight

    The senate race shouldn't be a toss up with them not wanting to pass a bill, when will Americans learn ?

  7. Avatar
    soulDavid Thompson

    Great Data Download Chuck!
    Wouldn't a Democrat led Senate be the Grand capper on the year Biden is elected!
    Here in SC, Lindsey Graham is crying for help, as his Democratic opponent Jaimie Harrison has ads outnumbering him 3 to 1 — due to record fundraising by Harrison.
    Blue Wave's 🌊🌊 🌊 a'comin'

  8. Avatar

    Senator Robert Byrd was kkk…… and jim-crow-joe biden gave an euloy at his funeral, hillary called kkk snetor bird her mentor!  And Trump is a racist ????

    QAnon Joe Biden With KKK GrandWizard'  YouTube

    'Secretary Clinton Comments on the Passing of Robert Byrd' op YouTube
    What about NOT disavowing/condemning marxist blm and antifa burning down cities, looting and killing people !!!

    Despicable deep state wallace ….talking about white supremacy  …while blm and antifa marxists are burning down the nation, looting and murdering people…what a hypocrite !!!!

    Like all rotten demorat politicians …basement biden is not talking about his real, hidden agenda ..stacking the supreme court, abolishing the electoral college, raising taxes, green new deal etc ….

    voting for sell-out, quit-pro-quo biden
     = voting for new lockdowns
     = voting for globalisation
     = voting for more US jobs to china.

  9. Avatar

    We gotta flip that flip that flip that senate

  10. Avatar

    I like Telemondo's poll after the debate.
    Trump 66%
    Biden 30 something

  11. Avatar

    Whats planned for the election.


  12. Avatar

    Liberals are so funny. Weak, ignorant, victim-playing, fearful betas… can't win an argument, confused by facts, believe everything the main stream media tells them… silent majority

  13. Avatar
    Christine Stange

    Finally this proves to 45's mob that Covid-19 is NOT a hoax. The country is a mess. It is sicker ….poorer. A change cannot come too quick.

  14. Avatar

    Trump is not destroying America. Trumpy is destroying the Republican party. Republicans had a chance to save the party's reputation, but they voted NO to the removal of Trumpy from office. RIP GOP!!

  15. Avatar

    Yeah it’s going to be Democrat’s for next 8 yrs republicans screwed them selves

  16. Avatar

    Repubs failed at COVID and that includes the president… the lies don't work anymore!

  17. Avatar

    Trump's coronavirus 19…. New York bookies has been taking bets… The odds don't look good… Chicago bookies has been taking bets… the odds don't look good…. New Jersey bookies has been taking bets … the odds don't look good…. Numbers coming in from across the nation,,,. Nearly anyone's willing to put their money down on his survival…

  18. Avatar

    C'mon guys, 4 years after Biden a real Republican Nominee will emerge, to bring pride back to the Republican party, Trump is just insane, he needs a phlebotomy ASAP.

  19. Avatar

    Notice how Mr Todd 'tells' you to subscribe to his channel. He does it like you call a dog. Who want to see more of this moron? Not me.

  20. Avatar

    because senate republicans are such assh*les!

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