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Sen. Schumer calls on Republicans to ‘do their duty’ l ABC News

Sen. Chuck Schumer reiterated that Democrats are “seeking the truth,” and hopes four Republican senators will “rise to the occasion.” READ MORE:

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    Wow from the comments there are two types of people. A: Those who realize the President wanted dirt on Biden to help Trump in the election and the other is B: the Ignorant. Which are you? A or B?

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    Whether you’re a republican or a democrat or whatever other party you support. You have to admit these politics are destroying this country. For me I prefer the truth at the end of the day politics don’t pay my bills

  3. Avatar

    What a farce! The American people are laughing at you jokers.

  4. Avatar

    What a joke
    Why don’t you fall for another phish heck
    (Giving someone your own password and username)

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    I’m all for the hearings and the trial. I want to watch it!! I’m infuriated that 4 out of 5 of these managers can not keep up with reading!! No one person can focus on what’s being said! They stop in mid sentence!! Why??!! This is important!’

  6. Avatar

    Getting rid of Donald trump and now this gobshite want the job as president get a better woman to do the job 👍🇮🇪☘️

  7. Avatar

    The Damn a Rats lie and you just have to swear to their story.

  8. Avatar

    Somebody call the whambulance for Chuck Schumer..!!!

  9. Avatar

    Quest for the truth? Pole numbers are going up ? Rock solid ? Proves how stupid a liberal has to be to support these idiots ..

  10. Avatar

    The only people abusing their power are Schumer and Pelosi. Any other country would have them charged with treason for sabotaging the government and wasting millions of taxpayer dollars . The truth? The truth is U.S. citizens are leaving the Democratic Party by the millions thanks to these morons.

  11. Avatar

    John Bolton come out to testify, I will buy your book.

  12. Avatar

    Don "the criminal potus" Trump is a criminal and always will be! This republican cover up caucus is aiding and abetting a criminal! America exposed and exterminate all swamp rats now!

  13. Avatar

    Well give you witness if we can give us your witness bitch, Schumer your leading the defending blind and stupid

  14. Avatar

    The truth???? Look at damn dislike button and tell me numbers favor the dems, tell why Pelosi is not in jail for abuse of power and obstructing justice, and finally tell me why it took them so long to bring the articles over ? Because the truth is already there plain as day. Elizabeth warren lies about being an Indian, so the did Bernie sanders say a woman can’t be president ? I’m just saying he’s paying his female staff 2/3rds more than Elizabeth warren. This is just a nightmare he said she said scenario, but in this current era of ours, it seems that accusations count for more than actual facts and truths

  15. Avatar

    Apparently Schumer and the others can’t handle the truth…

  16. Avatar

    ABC. The station that protected Epstein and Pedophile Island. Figures they would be featuring this pig.

  17. Avatar

    History will remember when the house gets turned red because of this b.s impeachment.

  18. Avatar

    The ppl. have spoke,and screamed! We the Americans want the Sen. to SHUT UP! Stop throwing these temper tantrums act your AGE! Not your SHOE SIZE!🇺🇸

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    Why are all the republicans attacking the democrats because Trump F*** up and allowed Guiliani to corrupt The White House. The truth shall set you free.

  20. Avatar

    You know damn well the Republicans have zero interest in doing their duty

  21. Avatar

    When the democrats abuse the party of the office.

  22. Avatar

    All the Trumper are blind, deaf and now speechless because they have no defense 🤷‍♀️

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    Only the guilty hide! Trump is nothing but a spineless guilty bastard

  24. Avatar

    And another hoax fails.   Next…

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