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Sen. Manchin: ‘Bipartisan solution’ needed for Supreme Court reform

The West Virginia senator discusses what Democrats should do after Judge Amy Coney Barrett is seated on the Supreme Court.

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  1. Avatar

    Moving the goal posts when you lose is NOT reform. It is cheating to win. BTW: During the Civil War the Senate was NOT in session when they needed to fill a SCOTUS seat, so they HAD to wait until all Senators could arrive. No jets. More half truths from this Senator.
    Nancy wants to bailout pension funds in California, NY, etc. and call it COVID assistance. They allowed their cities to be burned and looted asking police to stand down… why should the rest of America pay for their mismanagement?

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  3. Avatar

    Trump Card ! SEAT FILLED # 3, Suck it Dems & Fake News, stay sad bitter & powerless. 😤

  4. Avatar

    4 MORE YEARS! TRUMP 2020!

  5. Avatar

    Vote Trump out.

  6. Avatar

    Manuchin is right! Bipartisan is the only way however now the Democrats has to Stack the Courts!!!

  7. Avatar
    Wanderer Dean valley

    Trump 2020 🇺🇸.. if you need a reminder:


  8. Avatar

    So awesome nothing but a bunch of little bit…. lol there just mad because they didn't get to pack the court. Democrats would have done same thing if they had the power so f them

  9. Avatar

    Cry more liberals!!! LOL!!!

    TRUMP 2020!!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. Avatar

    This is exactly why the DEMs have no power. They default to “bipartisan” but the GOP will never be as noble and this Senator is ignorant to believe they’ll change because they extend an olive branch. The GOP has no honor and will run wild with any opportunity. Learn to fight back.

  11. Avatar

    People like Manchin are the reason why Republicans are being enabled to do the things they do. If they break the rules, to save democracy, you break the rules too. Please primary him

  12. Avatar

    The mad rush to try to change up some rules why are the Democrats so mad 😡

  13. Avatar

    Bipartisan yes. The Democratic Party and the new progressive peoples party should craft it. The GOP is dead.

  14. Avatar

    Foolish dems still trying to work with republicans who will never consent

  15. Avatar

    Bipartisanship for someone on the left is code for let's negotiate a way to change an outcome they do not like.

  16. Avatar

    Decisions should be based on who is voted in. Let the will of the people decide. If the people don't like it they can vote for next government.

  17. Avatar
    Lawrence Kithinji

    The same "bipartisan support" that was required for impeachment.

  18. Avatar

    Get ready trump is going to cheat on election day.

  19. Avatar

    There can be no bipartisan solution when the Republicans are power hungry. they forced a Supreme court picks while election are going on. Lindsey Graham and other Republican complained and stopped President Obama's pick of Supreme Court by Senator Mitch McConnell saying that no Supreme Court pick will be done during an election year left on the elections Calendar.

  20. Avatar

    Democrats have been voted out since 2016 there is a reason for that! They can’t handle losing and they want to change our political system don’t think so make America great again trump 2020

  21. Avatar

    It is not reform. It is disruption that they're advocating.

  22. Avatar

    Vote for #Trump2020 THE LEFT WANTS TO DEFUND THE POLICE #MAGA2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍

  23. Avatar

    Democrats and Republicans remain deeply divided about how the U.S. Supreme Court should interpret the Constitution. I think Constitution should be used as it was originally written. It should not be interpreted what it means in current times. If it needs to be changed? It needs to be changed legally by a constitutional amendment.

  24. Avatar
    Alone, Not Lonely

    Joe Manchin is the posterboy for the status quo. He would rather sit and collect a check and not get anything done and put it under the veil of "bipartisanship" as opposed to wanting to get anything done.

  25. Avatar

    The only accurate and correct interpretation or understanding of any writing is the one intended by the author not the missinterpretation intentional or otherwise of those who read it 200 years later… This goes just as well for the Constitution and the amendments…

    The job of the Supreme court is to uphold the law and the Constitution as written. Any judge or politician who would even attempt to change the meaning of the Constitution or its amendments should not be in office.

  26. Avatar
    Nathaniel Krefman

    No. The GOP doesn’t get to disregard norms and precedent with impunity. Punish them!

  27. Avatar

    There was no rule breaking, if there was there would not have been a vote. … All I heard was give us what we want, or we burn everything that stood for 250 years down … These people do not learn, the nuclear option they implemented backfired and got them ACB, packing the court will backfire on them also, if they increase the size of the court so will the republicans when they are back in power.

  28. Avatar

    The infantile Dems just what to change the game when they don’t get their way.

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