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Sen Leahy calls Barrett nomination 'a callous political power grab'

Sen. Patrick Leahy, had strong words in reaction to Judge Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination.

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  1. Avatar

    Isn’t he one of those AHoles that’s been in office for decades and there’s nothing to show for it?

  2. Avatar

    Leahy is nothing but a corrupt old fossil.

  3. Avatar

    Anchors tied to his ankle already .he's just takin the easy way out..throw that anchor over the side!! Blub blub blub.

  4. Avatar

    IMPEACH all DEMOCRATS by voting all red. TRUMP is the BEST president

  5. Avatar

    Being a democrat, he should know

  6. Avatar

    The president serves four years and does not ignore duties towards the end of the term.

  7. Avatar

    Everything this guy is saying is such BS

  8. Avatar

    Another old man from the dinosaur Democrat party that should have retired 20 years ago.

  9. Avatar

    Leahy has been a senator since 1975. 45 years. Think about how insane that is.

  10. Avatar

    Why is this old coot still a senator. He obviously can't lift himself off a toilet seat.

  11. Avatar

    Kinda like DACA and the ACA

  12. Avatar

    Thank you Twitter, for deleting posts about the Biden’s corruption. Now the World Media knows the Biden’s are corrupt. Facebook and Twitter have done Trump a huge favour. This is front page news in UK, Australia, NZ, and the EU. The world knows that the Democrats, Biden’s and Clinton’s, and Obama were corrupt.

  13. Avatar

    Is he alive ??????

  14. Avatar

    Leayhy discovers she's powerful.

  15. Avatar

    It was like a bad movie with bad actors and bad script except so many people are injured and suffering and dying… Kavanaugh hearings were even lower grade.

  16. Avatar

    Leahy is pure swamp. A lifetime of nothing.

  17. Avatar

    A T T E N T I O N Demented OLD White Man has escaped from the old home . Be on the look out.

  18. Avatar

    This guy was in office before Vermont was a state! Just retire while already!

  19. Avatar

    TERM LIMITS PLEASE !!!!!! Oh, you don't have a chance to ask your stupid questions and lecture us with your BS? Well, TOO bad! ACB has more intelligence, grace, and character than the combined Dem crooks who are taking up space and squandering OUR taxes.

  20. Avatar

    LEAHY…a TURD that never ceases to STANK. Another TICK, LEECH, predator on the AMERICAN PEOPLE. Who stated crime does not pay?

  21. Avatar

    This guy looks like the fertilizer I use for my front lawn

  22. Avatar

    Well he sure does look like he’s dying

  23. Avatar

    Is this guy supposed to be an intellectual? Power grab? What a hack. The President is President for 4 years not 3 or 3.5. you lousy pieces of excrement on the left would be all over this filling the spot with a non binary trans that identifies as the dolphin princess

  24. Avatar

    I am so tired of pathetic opinions that become “newsworthy”

  25. Avatar

    Did he even say anything?

  26. Avatar

    This old guy…Leahy demonstrates anti-American values… at this age. HOW do democrats sleep at night after the thrashing they gave Supreme Court Justice Amy Barrett! Disgusting! LEAHY DOES NOT UNDERSTAND nor likely has any idea… WHAT BIG TECH IS DOING FOR HIS PARTY!

  27. Avatar

    If he feels he wasn't giving all information about ACB its his bad. It's called doing your own research. Complaining and whining is getting old

  28. Avatar

    Remember when ole Harry used the nuclear option? Republicans warned you demonrats. Both the White House and the Senate is controlled by one party. It’s a done deal. Go away you old career tax hog. You demonrats would have done exactly the same thing if you had the opportunity!

  29. Avatar

    Fox posted two Democrat Senator hearing rebuttals in a row without posting anything from a Republican senator…

  30. Avatar

    Threats of packing the Supreme Court, statehood for Puerto Rico and DC, amnesty and citizenship for all undocumented immigrants. Yeah, you could certainly make the case for one side making a massive power grab.
    And it’s the desperate Democrats.

  31. Avatar

    Leahy is a sore looser. He is smart enough to know that the President is duty bound to put forward a nominee. Shame on Leahy for making this political. Mrs Barrett is over qualified. Leahy should apologize and resign.

  32. Avatar

    A President and Senate carrying out their constitutional duties is "a callous political power grab"?

  33. Avatar

    Shame on you for attacking a woman of her character! Please just retire because you don't even make any sense.

  34. Avatar

    Leahy is a NAMBLA member.

  35. Avatar

    Another worthless politician who is the poster Boy for Term Limits. Get ride of this windbag.

  36. Avatar

    Sorry, you’re totally WRONG or political correct. The constitution is right in front of you! Article II, section 2, clause 2. GOP & President is fulfilling their duty.

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