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Sen. Kamala Harris defends her law enforcement record during the VP debate | USA TODAY

VP debate: Sen. Harris defends her previous law enforcement record.
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Sen. Kamala Harris discusses her law enforcement and criminal justice record to Vice President Pence during the VP debate.

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    Kamala Harris is strong, bless the work she's doing for the world.

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    Anthony T Marcelo

    KAMALA COULDN'T ANSWER A STRAIGHT FORWARD QUESTION 😂😂😂😂..🤦🏽‍♂️.. Best part was when Pence said that Biden's plan was plagiarism to what Trump has already done. Just epic 👍🏼👌🏼

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    You know I am surprised how well censorship is working in America today. In this new reality of evolution where boys are girls and girls are boys taking away the hole that life comes out of pleasuring themselves even more to the saying that a hole is just a hole, I find it refreshing that some computer logarithms of the past can still be found today showing balls that in a free society even burning the flag is a purpose needing protection in free speech. To be a Borg having already thrown your humanity into the streets with the homeless it is nice to know that babies can be made out of computers so free will doesn't have to dirty up the process as much as it has done in the past. Everybody should be on their knees praising Amazon that they have given us plastique (love dolls) for the few remaining humans who have not chosen to cut their balls off yet. There is one thing you can say about evolution being taught out of carnal knowledge, it really does know what is best for everybody and they can do it without giving us hope and faith to go with it.

  4. Avatar

    Harris was very rude and snarky. And spent more time acting offended with her time and telling stories with the rest. Also funny how the moderator only stops pence and not harris when they go over time. She literally let her talk for over a minute straight after her time was up with no interruptions. When pence did it she interrupted every 2 seconds.

  5. Avatar

    Kamala is so evil.

  6. Avatar

    Defends Law Enforcement but she was in the riots !!!

  7. Avatar

    Mike Pence is Donald Trump's puppet.. who is Vladimir Putin's puppet. Non-Americans.

  8. Avatar

    She locked a lot of minorities up, especially blavks

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