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Sen. Durbin holds news conference on the funding of US Postal Service

Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., held a news conference on the funding of the U.S. Postal Service.

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  1. Avatar

    Durban Total lie.

  2. Avatar

    Dems' strategy to bail out Postal Service with Covid relief funds that should go to citizens suddenly becomes clear. Dems have figured out how to use the Post Office to steal elections.

  3. Avatar

    But its ok to send the census, tax refund and ssi checks in the mail but not mail in voting. Ok

  4. Avatar

    Why does every black seem to have an Axe to grind, even when they've done better than many of other races?

  5. Avatar

    Yet another poorly run government run business. Say no to mail in ballots.

  6. Avatar

    Little dickie durban concerned about funding the postal service, aka Democrat voters.

    What's the price of a stamp for a letter? How much does the postal service charge Bezos for amazon being too cheap to deliver on the last leg of their packages?

    What are you going to propose next? That all Americans buy stamps to send emails?

  7. Avatar

    Mail in voting was never a problem until Trump

  8. Avatar

    I don't want to jump to conclusions but, I think this Democrat wants money. That's all they ever want.

  9. Avatar

    The usps allowed a criminal that was taking my identity to put a stop on my mail and didn’t even check.

  10. Avatar

    The postal service is not broken we don’t need to fix it.. I always get my mail!

  11. Avatar

    Postal are for the mail and packages only . PERIOD..

  12. Avatar

    Billions will go directly to the Postal Service MASSIVE healthcare and retirement program.

    Don't be FOOLED.

    It's NOT about mail service, it's about BENEFITS!

  13. Avatar

    I cannot listen to someone who keeps his mask on his chin.

  14. Avatar

    Should be a company then the American tax payer wouldn't have to pay twice for their mail.

  15. Avatar

    This guy can sell his BS somewhere else. Voting in person.

  16. Avatar

    You can thank the Prefunding Retiree Benefits Bill passed in 2006. No other company made to put 110 billion dollars aside that was instead used to pay down National debt..this was bound to fail. They are short handed, driving 40+ year old tin cans without heat and air, rural carriers made to use/convert their own cars, outdated equipment etc. Obama/Biden had 8 years to to something and NOW THEY WANT TO COMPLAIN?? Gonna be almost impossible to fix in time for election..ESPECIALLY with Covid on top. VOTE IN PERSON, PERIOD. early absentee ballots for those who actually need it for sure, but If we can go to Walmart we can go VOTE!🇺🇸

  17. Avatar

    He's trying to rig the election. Fire him!

  18. Avatar
    Hershell Crawford

    I don't think you can handle you can barely handle delivered me my mail

  19. Avatar

    Since we can shop with a mask, EVERYONE can go to the polls with a mask.

    Millions of Democrat FAKE mail-in ballots is voter fraud period.

    If mask's keep's us safe, then everyone can go to the poll's right, Dr. Fauci?

    Millions of FAKE Democrat mail-in ballots are being printed to get Biden elected.

    Every Democrat wants to allow mail-in ballots instead of physically going to a voting place and showing ID and only getting to vote once.

    Google: Ex-Pa. Rep. Charged In Judicial Race Ballot Stuffing Scandal

    Google: Paterson election fraud: Who was charged and what we know

    Google: 15 Election Results That Were Thrown Out Because of Fraudulent Mail-In Ballots

    Everyone can wear a mask to go and vote.

    It's the only way the marxist can steal the election from Trump who in their right mind would vote for creepy joe with dementia and can't remember where he is or what he's doing.

  20. Avatar

    I wish the senator actually cared. He's only using this as a venue for supporting his party using lies

  21. Avatar

    I'm sorry Sir, but we all know about the other things included in the Hero Act. Stop acting like the Democrats are the "good guys" in all of this. BOTH parties need to work together.

  22. Avatar

    This piggy said to the people .

  23. Avatar

    Democrats smoke screens and lies.we are not buying it.

  24. Avatar

    It is cheating ! Cheating , cheating , system ! Democrats are knows well!
    That the way they trying to win the VOTE ,!!!! God is watching !

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