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Sen Coons, Wallace spar over Biden refusing to answer court packing question

Democratic senator provides insight into how they will try to keep Judge Amy Coney Barrett off the Supreme Court.

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  1. Avatar

    wallace should be on msDNC

  2. Avatar

    Wish Biden had just said 'sure'.

  3. Avatar

    Republicans better circle the wagons and fill that supreme court seat ,it could be the last time republicans can. A democrat will not vote for a republican ,,matter what they do. Oh they will use you but still vote democrat elected republican better realize that,,

  4. Avatar

    Latinos for trump los angeles California . Replace lying democrats. The gig is up your fired democrats. California rise up wake up.

  5. Avatar

    Media the gig is up . Your lies. Stand here no more your fired Wallace

  6. Avatar

    Wallace is a joke

  7. Avatar

    Wallace is no good sell out

  8. Avatar

    We're not racist here at Fox it's just our script writers who are 🤭

  9. Avatar

    It's laughable that Democrats think Obamacare is a good thing for Americans. The whole thing is a joke. The fact is that hospitals and doctors charge rediculous prices for their so called services. On the subject of abortion, Democrats show their true evil colors having the killing of unborn fetuses a main part of their platform. Biden and many Catholics and Christians cannot support Democrats because they would be serving two masters. They are hypocrites and liars interested only in themselves.

  10. Avatar

    Wallace, your credibility is shot to hell…. and to Fox News, find somebody else that is fair and balanced.

  11. Avatar

    Biden's answer is hidden in his statement. If I tell you what I am going to do it will be the headline of every news place……….There is only one of those choices that would make it to all the headlines…….

  12. Avatar

    Wow, when will this snake be let go and leave towards CNN? Nobody will forget the partisan Wallace helping Biden to not forget his name all debate long.

  13. Avatar

    Chris Wallace has lost all credibility as a balanced journalist

  14. Avatar

    Ever notice how most democrats look like they are possessed… It's in their eyes…

  15. Avatar

    So just because you don't like her views, that means she's UNQUALIFIED!?!?

  16. Avatar


  17. Avatar


  18. Avatar
    Candymantempting 41

    EVERYONE- look up “BRUTAL- Resurfaced video of Joe Biden” here on Youtube. Every American, Democrat or Republican, need to see this 5 minute video clip from his past!

  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar

    I guess Biden could just say no I will never ever pack the court. And when he gets elected go ahead and pack the court! seems to be working fine for the Republicans in the Senate as far as replacing a supreme court justice during an election! Oh that’s right ,Biden has principles.BYE DON 2020!

  21. Avatar

    Typical politician, refuses to answer the question. Zero transparency

  22. Avatar

    Go Away already Chris Wallace you lost all credibility with your actions during the debate you narrated. Asking Biden soft ball questions and interfering to protect him when he was fumbling for words. We all see right threw your bias narrative.

  23. Avatar

    Thank you for not answering the question.

  24. Avatar

    A reporter asked Joe Biden about court packing, "don't you think the American people deserve to know your answer?"…..Joe Biden replied, "no, they don't deserve to know"….WOW !!! Just WOW !!!!!

  25. Avatar

    Why is that guy Chris Wallace still there with fox?

  26. Avatar

    WOW. He did NOT answer the question. Unbelievable if they get away with this

  27. Avatar

    I just got the voting ballot and it's going to bring me great pleasure voting against the Trump. Calling Mexicans rapists and criminals is going to bite him in the behind because we never forgot. 🇲🇽🇺🇸💪

  28. Avatar

    Amy Barrett will be sworn in

  29. Avatar

    Confirming a ninth member to a nine member committee is not packing it

  30. Avatar

    It’s NOT hard for US to understand you f*cking WIENIE – it seems to be WAY TOO HARD FOR YOU DEEP STATE PUPPETS to understand – being how you only want MORE MONEY 💰TO WASTE and all…

  31. Avatar

    Why can’t they answer the question

  32. Avatar

    They won't answer the question because the answer is clear, they would pack the court with a bunch of left wing liberal socialist justices and SHRED our constitution… our entire country would look like California and Michigan are now..run by a dictator. No freedom of religion no second ammendment basically no freedom whatsoever! Newsome actually wanted Trump removed from the ballot!Is this really the America that these morons want???

  33. Avatar

    I hope Biden packs the court when he wins in Nov. Play by the same Scum Bag rules as the Hypocritical Republicans play by. Trump: the most incompetent and Corrupt POTUS in our history.

  34. Avatar

    Only true journalist at Fox. Everyone else is fkin moron including their viewers.

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