Sen. Collins said justices wouldn't overturn Roe. See her reaction now

by News Update

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) said in 2018 that she was convinced Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh wouldn’t overturn Roe v. Wade. Now if the Supreme Court overturns it, it would be “completely inconsistent” with what the two purported, Collins said following news of the draft opinion. #CNN #News

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Jon Erlandson May 4, 2022 - 7:41 PM

Know Thyself… because… not all of it is….

Billy Earney May 4, 2022 - 7:41 PM

weren't these justices under oath during their confirmation hearings? If at the first chance to overturn Roe, they do so, aren't they lying? Shouldn't that disqualify them from being a justice?

M DGAF May 4, 2022 - 7:41 PM

I swear if Republicans were allowed women's rights would fall back a century or more.

Luis E Morales Falcon May 4, 2022 - 7:41 PM

Suddenly you don't need to be a biologist to determine what is a women now.

Pano 360 May 4, 2022 - 7:41 PM

What can you say? Anyone can be a lying piece of shit in 2022. Even Supreme Court judges.
All we can say now is that if this Court wants to go back on precedent and on what these justices themselves said, then any future Court has absolutely no responsibility to uphold anything of what these justices say now, including this very decision.

Hope Americans pay attention and don’t mess with the GOP in future.

Terry Wolf May 4, 2022 - 7:41 PM

Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barret ALL LIED, to Congress, DUH!

DeWayne Torres May 4, 2022 - 7:41 PM

Wait, a rapist lied about his opinion regarding a woman's reproductive right?

TheBlade996 May 4, 2022 - 7:42 PM

Typical do-nothing Democrats had a supermajority in Congress under Carter and Obama but somehow never found the time to codify abortion rights into law so that the Supreme Court couldn't take them away!

MW 63 May 4, 2022 - 7:42 PM

Just more lying corrupt human beings. Pretty normal these days.

David Cottrell May 4, 2022 - 7:42 PM

Gimme a break…we ALL knew this was coming…and Collins is just a joke.

David Guelette May 4, 2022 - 7:42 PM

You've gotta love McConnell and Cruz,OH SHT, THEY'VE CAUGHT US!!

Edward May 4, 2022 - 7:42 PM

My god that woman is either lying or just plain stupid! 🤡

Heather Kingston May 4, 2022 - 7:42 PM

We are becoming a country where the minority make the decisions while ignoring what the majority wants. Also, we need to impeach justices who lie to get a seat on the bench and hold them accountable for their dishonesty. We should be able to hold anyone with the ability to write or change laws accountable for their words.

Irma Vera May 4, 2022 - 7:42 PM


MsK_byTheWay May 4, 2022 - 7:42 PM

Dear Conservatives, what are you afraid of?

RAIDER 4LIF May 4, 2022 - 7:42 PM

When they say what you want to hear to get elected or confirmed and actions are the opposite are called HUSTLERS.

Ms Berries May 4, 2022 - 7:42 PM

So if a woman is raped, she's doomed two times. I'm also worried about what right is next at risk

Philip Wu Jr. May 4, 2022 - 7:42 PM

This lady is wrong so her mind she's right.

DAVE Smith May 4, 2022 - 7:42 PM

How many times does a woman have to prove she's a Democratic befor republican voting for her

James Allison May 4, 2022 - 7:42 PM

Lawless? Nope

meg mclain May 4, 2022 - 7:42 PM

Re: Ted Cruz (the CANADIAN)’s comment: what if it was leaked by Donald trump? Would you support prosecution and jailing? What if he was given a copy to congratulate him on his SCOTUS extremists screwing over all American women at once, and he leaked it as a brag?

Ray Patterson May 4, 2022 - 7:43 PM

Keep your religious beliefs outta decision makings. A woman’s body belongs to her and nobody else. How can u tell a parent that their 13 yr old child can’t have an abortion, even in case of rape or incest. These white men in power are disgusting.

omicron delta May 4, 2022 - 7:43 PM

so NOW you guys can define what a woman is?


Forget you May 4, 2022 - 7:43 PM

All democrats should be spade or neutered instead of always killing their babies.

David Brennan May 4, 2022 - 7:43 PM

biden said a woman rather than a birthing person, that is very bigoted.

Mr.Ultimate Blue Marvel May 4, 2022 - 7:43 PM

Senator Collins is an establishment elitist who is delusional and corrupt so her words really don't matter .

Greg Raines May 4, 2022 - 7:43 PM

They all lied. After watching what happened to Bork and saw how Thomas lied and got in so they did. There is no way their opinion changed in this time frame. Collins is an idiot…

Jim L May 4, 2022 - 7:43 PM

Can everyone now agree to stop calling Collins "moderate"? She's complicit trash.

Johnny Doe May 4, 2022 - 7:43 PM

Republicans Lie

It's at the Heart of Conservative
Movement. Lies Lies Lies. 🤭

wooster May 4, 2022 - 7:43 PM

I don’t know if Collins is stupid or if she is an hypocrite. Maybe she is both…

Big Vax meanie May 4, 2022 - 7:43 PM

Republicans clutching their pearls crying about the leak

thomas rudzik May 4, 2022 - 7:43 PM

"Michelle Obama" will Follow "Melinda Gates." Putting "Her Children First!" Why SADDLE "Children" with the SINS of the "Father?" ABORTION is about "Killing Black Babies." Do NOT be CONFUSED. Biden's FRIENDS in the "Deep State" KILLED: J.F.K. , R.F.K., Martin Luther King, and Abraham Lincoln. R.F.K. was KILLED in 1968 = Roe v Wade was 1972. Woodrow Wilson wanted PEACE: "League of Nations." He was poisoned. J.F.K. wanted PEACE! TRUMP wanted PEACE!

Robin Africa🌍 May 4, 2022 - 7:44 PM

They all lied about their position on Roe Vs Wade, in order to get on the Supreme Court!! They should all be impeached!!!

michaelmunchie May 4, 2022 - 7:44 PM

It just showed there is now personal agendas and not the law that matters when it comes to the scotus. We need term limits for all