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See the uncomfortable question Trump asked Netanyahu

After announcing that Israel and Sudan have agreed to normalize relations, President Donald Trump asked Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to weigh in on the ongoing US election.
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    Hahaha Trump supporters he tried to get him to go along with his stupid question and he wouldn’t ha!

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    God help you if you get 4 years of Joe Biden. Biden is a CONMAN, you can see it in him in the debate, he has all the traits of a CONMAN, and he is very good at it.
    He thinks he has all the answer and solutions to everything, right down to the Corona virus; but he is talking bullshit, he isn't concerned about the American people, all he is concerned about is the left wing agenda which he wants in place, which, over time will destroy America. Under a Biden left wing Government, Americans are going to be far far worse off.

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    Only Democrats find some wrong on a peace deal

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    4 more years of grown men crying i can't wait! Trump 2020

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    These deals sure do help the average American. That's what I'm voting for… 🤦‍♂

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    As soon as Trump is out, the peace deals are off. They're scared Trump will bomb them to help Israel.

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    LOL.. the snowflake was clearly irritated when Netanyahu wouldn't spit out the words Trump was practically stuffing down his throat.

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    Here we go with lets bash Trump hour. Pathetic. He's making the world a safer place loser's!

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    Trump could cure cancer end world poverty and solve every problem in the world but CNN still wants you to vote Biden wonder why

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    Joe hasn't made a deal in 47 years

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    Trump is sinking slowly same as the Great Titanic……he can't tell to his followers because they will panic.

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    The height of hubris. Iran is under inhuman sanctions aimed to hurt the dick gov but for years especially since Covid19 hit those sanctions are directly and horribly hurting the normal people who are powerless and gov there don't care and the elites live happily ever after. The top 1 percent. They go hungry, suffer and their tears will catch up. The sad thing is that you know that already. Karma is a bitch El Presidente.

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    F Donald trump

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    Trump 2020!!!

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    His national security team? You mean with his National Lying Team?

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    Trump is a pure idiot.

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    They are all whites! wow in a country with so much diversity…

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    God bless him

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    Don Jr. and Sr. Have the nerve to question what experience Hunter Biden has to do a certain job.
    What experience does Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner to work in the the White House??? Zingggggggggggg😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    He is a petulant child at best…

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    Trump has no filter so embarrassing

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    America has truly become a servant of Israel….. And we've allowed the theft and murder of Palestine. May God have mercy on us.

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    Well, to me it sounded like one corrupt president begging appreciation from another. Sickening.

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    Peace in the Middle East…..sorry libs! 2q2q

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    Can’t even put Sudan on the map. He probably thinks Sudan is in the Middle East . What an fat fetched outreach. Uniting other countries while you burn a down your own. What a circus!

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