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Second lockdown means business would 'struggle,' restaurateur says

The owner of a Toronto restaurant says his business would struggle to keep its doors open if the city went into a second lockdown. He says he’s doing his best to remain optimistic regardless.

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  1. Avatar

    "CASES" what significance do cases have when next to nobody is in hospitals or dying?

  2. Avatar

    If PCR tests are being used for testing, and the chemistry Nobel prize winner who created them has stated that they shouldn't and can't be used to determine illness/diagnose, then why do all these new "cases" matter? 🧐

  3. Avatar
    George Thandayutham

    Money you can earn anytime but life is only one time.

  4. Avatar

    " And none of the wicked shall understand, but those who are wise shall understand." ~~ " So God will cause them to be greatly deceived, and they will believe these lies." Anthony patch

  5. Avatar
    George Thandayutham

    We will go through it be together.

  6. Avatar

    I wander do they believe in what they are saying to us?

  7. Avatar

    If we allow this farce, this 'casedemic', to continue there will be no restaurants, bars, small businesses left to come back to. Idiocracy in the making here; shop online and stay inside watching Netflix all day.

  8. Avatar

    Support local small business
    Avoid corporate as best as you can. Walk freely with no masks. Honestly I promise honest police will say or do nothing. Then who is forcing you to wear a mask except you?
    If wallymart won’t let you in to buy toilet paper without a mask, the small business down the road will sell it to you without one on.

  9. Avatar

    Why are we only talking about restaurants? Who cares about restaurants, your government doesn't and hasn't tax policies for corp. restaurants case in point. What about the important businesses like the trades?

  10. Avatar


  11. Avatar

    Business are still struggling limited capacity

  12. Avatar

    If government forces buisnesses to close they should help them regardless

  13. Avatar

    We should of locked down properly the first time and we wouldn't be in this meas.

  14. Avatar
    Ashley Kiare Vvlogs

    Close everything down until the virus subsides. Opening everything up was potentially risking a major impact on the people

  15. Avatar

    Of coarse they would struggle but tell that to people like the Nurses association or Dr.Cruella DeVille from Toronto .

  16. Avatar

    I can not keep on doing University online oh my God, when will this hell end. I never got a graduation and now uni is online, seriously when will this end.

  17. Avatar

    I don't have a tv, so if I don't know to google it I don't know about it. Did anyone else know that the LNG plant that (the pipeline to it, that we think were arguing about,) is there? Who was building it while we were complaining about lost jobs? Um, who is picking my suggestion list? I find videos 14 years old on it, but not this? What else have I missed while watching "Reality TV" The soap opera "Trump," the medical drama "Covid," entering it's 2nd season. If I had a life would I have known? I don't know. But if I had a tv, and paid for cable, why would I pay for this junk, when I pay an internet bill already?

  18. Avatar

    So What! A second lockdown, if it happens may save lives , put a dollar value on a human's life ..
    Whining about lockdowns , Thousands of people a month in Construction , Mining ,Forestry get told ,your laid off ,or were shutting down .. They suffer , they reset , the move on ..

  19. Avatar

    Their Take-out game is strong, good spot. Other restaurants and especially bars need a rent freeze.

  20. Avatar

    The best way for the restaurant business is taking out but not dinning in! That would be safer! We all know " Better safe than sorry! " Money is important but our lives are more important ! We are all in the same boat ! God bless Canada and the world! Hope our world will be soon over the terrible Wuhan Coronavirus pandemic attacking! Be strong Canada! Thanks for the news! 🇨🇦💪🤙!

  21. Avatar

    Smokers are in lockdown almost 15 years now. They can teach you something. Enjoy life! I hope you can drive around this time.

  22. Avatar

    Go plant base.

  23. Avatar

    Your fault for all being careless. It could have been prevented if you followed the rules. Now look what you cause. They will lock down the hot spots and that mean toronto. Thank goodness I don't live in toronto.

  24. Avatar

    more amazing "journalism". from the cbc

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