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Sebastian Vettel moves No 1 board away from Hamilton's car after losing Canadian GP

Sebastian Vettel said he is falling out of love with Formula One after a controversial penalty denied him victory in Canada and promoted Lewis Hamilton to first place. At turn four on lap 48, Vettel went across the grass and almost Hamilton as he returned to the track on the inside and his rival attempted to go around him. The Ferrari driver emerged in front and stewards then gave him a five-second penalty for an unsafe return and forcing another car off the track. Vettel held his lead to the end but was only 1.3 seconds in front of Hamilton who thus took the win for Mercedes – the British star’s fifth win from seven rounds. After the race, Vettel theatrically grabbed the big No 1 sign parked in front of Hamilton’s car and moved it to where his Ferrari should have been in the empty No 2 slot. Ferrari are appealing the time penalty.
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Lewis Hamilton handed Canadian GP win after Vettel’s penalty pain ►

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    Lewis Hamilton handed Canadian GP win after Vettel’s penalty pain. Read more ► https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/jun/09/lewis-hamilton-canadian-grand-prix-vettel-penalty

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    Crofty: THe OLd sWiTCharOo

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    Thiago Garcia de Lima

    The placard change is the image of the year on F1.

  5. Avatar

    I love the video but hate the title , he didn’t lose he was robbed of the victory

  6. Avatar

    What a disgrace!

  7. Avatar

    what i heard from vettel wah wah wah

  8. Avatar

    boo hoo.
    So spoilt.

  9. Avatar

    Great job FIA

  10. Avatar

    I f Hamilton done that there would be no penalty

  11. Avatar
    [CBT] bepisman.mp4

    That’s horrible

  12. Avatar

    🏁🏁🏁you have to look all the way🏎️🏎️🏎️
    1:10 ❣💘
    👇 👇 👇 👇 👇❤

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    🏁🏁🏁you have to look all the way🏎️🏎️🏎️
    0:36 💞🔥

  14. Avatar

    FIA = Mercedes-AMG Petronas 🤣🤣🤣

  15. Avatar

    lucky dog ham

  16. Avatar

    WTF i want to see hamilton stopping his car on grass
    next time we get 10seconds panalty for being hit by aquaplaning??!?!?!?

  17. Avatar
    Videos Of EverYthinG

    Ferrari ruined the vettel career he can go in mercedes and hamilton in ferrari now , i think that will be bigly different

  18. Avatar
    Norbert Schmidt

    Backing up Hamilton and Mercedes …agaaaaain

  19. Avatar

    I like hamilton more than vettel. Vettel cant do that any more. I hope the two drivers will do well after this lockdown

  20. Avatar

    The five 5 second is not a joke. You cant block anybody in f1.

  21. Avatar

    I'm a fan of Lewis Hamilton

  22. Avatar

    Bros and Dudes it is not killing the sport

  23. Avatar

    Bros and Dudes it is not killing the sport

  24. Avatar

    Lets just forget about it bros

  25. Avatar

    Deserves that win!!!!!

  26. Avatar

    I love how Lewis always sneaks in a comment about his tyres hahaha

  27. Avatar

    Say suppose there was no grass but instead a Wall then vettel would have crashed out of the race.

    So penalty was well earned.

    PS: not anyone’s fanboi just a observation.

  28. Avatar

    Vettel is an embarrassment

  29. Avatar

    Hanilton got hit for 5 sec last week , hehehe…
    I was waiting to see when he'd sleep up..took a year ..well wirth it ..

  30. Avatar

    vettel cannot accept defeat

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