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Sean Connery, former "James Bond" actor dead at 90

Former ‘James Bond’ actor Sean Connery, who shot to international stardom as the suave sophisticated British agent 007 and went on to dominate the silver screen for four decades, has died aged 90.

Winning an Oscar, a Bafta and two golden globes throughout his acting career, Connery will be remembered first as British agent James Bond, the character created by novelist Ian Fleming and immortalized by Connery in films starting with ““Dr. No” in 1962.

Connery retired from movies after disputes with the director of his final outing, the forgettable “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” in 2003.

“I get fed up dealing with idiots,” he said.

Connery‘s influence helped shape the Bond characters in the books as well as the films for years to come – still going strong today, more than five decades after Connery started it. The lavishly produced movies, packed with high-tech gadgetry and spectacular effects, broke box office records and grossed hundreds of millions of dollars.

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  1. Avatar

    RIP Big Sean. You were one of my heroes.

  2. Avatar
    Manuela Tiefenbach

    My heart is broken 😭

  3. Avatar
    วรวัตร พิทักษ์

    R.I.P From Thailand
    My name is Bond James bond

  4. Avatar

    삼가고인의 명복을 빕니다

  5. Avatar

    R.I.P OO7

  6. Avatar

    Always loved, Never forgotten, Forever remembered.

  7. Avatar

    Great joy handed out around the world. A real artist!!!! BRAVO

  8. Avatar

    'I Think Its perfectly Fine to Shlap a Woman now and Then'….R.I.P. Legend♥️

  9. Avatar

    We have people like Greta now

  10. Avatar
    Howdyah Workthisthing?

    “Tried your besht?”
    “Thatsh loosher talk!”
    “Winnersh go home and f*** the prom queen!”
    RIP Mr.Connery.

  11. Avatar

    2020 doing 2020 stuff

    Rest in Peace Buddy. Keep the seats warm for us.

  12. Avatar


  13. Avatar

    "I'm Bond, James Bond."
    Thank you for the great films, Sean Connory.

  14. Avatar

    I loved that man & I never met him 💜

  15. Avatar
    Communication Failure7600

    2020 just keeps on taking.

  16. Avatar

    RIP best and only proper James Bond!

  17. Avatar

    Often wondered about him over the years…haven’t seen him in a lot of movies. Sad and he will be sadly missed, no other like him.

  18. Avatar

    Outland is underated Connery

  19. Avatar

    Indiana? Let it go.

  20. Avatar

    See you soon! Until then RIP. Love to your family.

  21. Avatar

    The one and only Bond!

  22. Avatar

    Class Act!!!

  23. Avatar

    "2🌏2🕛" 🎺💥🌋🔥🌏🔥🌋💥🎺
    Jeremiah 50:43
    The king of Babyl🤑n, $🤡$ D🐷nald
    $àtán, Lùçífer, $tùmpéd Çhump/ the
    has heard reports about the enemy,
    and he is weak with fright.🗣🎺📲
    Pangs 🔥f anguish have gripped
    him, 🇺🇸👿_👹🇨🇦 like th💥se 🌋f
    a w🌏man in lab🚹r.⬆️🌌🚻🌌⬆️

    Revelation 12:12
    Therefore, rej🚻ice, O 🌌 heavens!
    And y😈u wh🚺 live in the heavens,
    But terr🔥r will c🕛me 🌏n the earth
    and the sea, 💫🔥🌋🔥💫 f🚻r the
    dèvíl has c👹me d⬇️wn t🌏 y🚻u in 
    great anger, 🇺🇸👿🗽👹🇨🇦 kn👺wing
    that he has little time.” 🎺💥🌋💥🎺

  24. Avatar

    Darn. This year was going so well.

  25. Avatar
    Joanne Wheelwright

    R.I.P Sean. Crying now but one word from my sad heart is "THANKYOU" for being SEAN CONNERY and leaving us to watch so many films. Goodbye and god bless you💕💕💕💕😢😢😢😢

  26. Avatar

    Wspaniały , żegnaj 🪔 cudowny aktor 💜✋

  27. Avatar

    @GlobalNews his mother was a MacLean not MacLeod and that is a MacLean tartan Kilt he was wearing.

  28. Avatar

    Miss you our James bond forever 💔🙏

  29. Avatar

    Il fut l'un des acteurs les plus talentueux et les plus fort dans le monde de la cinématographie . Rendons un grand hommage à cet homme émérite pour l'oeuvre accomplie.. salut l'artiste .

  30. Avatar
    Silvana Klaric Boricic

    Where is “crying my eyes out” button? 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  31. Avatar

    Wore Scottish dress? O Yea, real sexy man alive.

  32. Avatar

    Cause of death? Covid

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