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SE Cupp: I have uneasy feeling about what may happen … again

CNN’s SE Cupp takes a closer look at the similarities between the 2016 and 2020 elections.

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    Walmart thinks Trump's going to win their pulling all the firearms and ammo off the shelves so the looters don't steal it

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    Yep – we are SOOOOOOO under the radar…..the wave is coming…..prepare to be buried!

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    Victoria Pendleton

    Biden's got dementia, but if you vote for him, you're just plain stupid

  4. Avatar

    Yay! Four more years!

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    Please stop posting videos

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    Voting is a scam. Picking a lesser of two evils means you are choosing the chains of your own enslavement.

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    T- H E – C – L – I – N – T – O – N – N – E – W – S – N – E – T – W – O – R – K
    F – A – K – E – N – E – W – S !

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    Where's the story on Hunter and slow Joe taking millions from Russia and China , huh clown news ?

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    Ok but the difference is he dose not have us , those of us who refused to vote for Clinton

    She’s got us now !!!!!!!
    Biden has all of us who thought he would not be that bad – It’s a joke nobody but nuts want him to win

    He can only win if he is successful cheating.

    Not about the poles , it’s about cheating .-

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    Nice ratio, like always….

    Have a great November 3rd!!! 👍🏼🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    Liberalism is a mental disorder. It is pushed in the public schools and liberal colleges, the media, Hollywood and the rest of the nuts, flakes and fruits who sell the Kool-Aid.

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    2016 was 2 unpopular nominees running both with bad favourability There is no Comey statement this year.
    Don’t trust the polls, Don’t trust the mail. Drop off your vote in person or go to the polling stations early or on the day

    Be careful, be safe

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    Ohhhhh you guys know EXACTLY what is going to happen! The same exact thing happened with Clinton!!!! Yet the same thing WILL HAPPEN AGAIN!!! Trump will win again!
    Polls= 💩

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    Trump wins hands down

  15. Avatar

    What did u expect with biden. Literallllly anyone else would be better

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    Polls are for strippers

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    The Trump Pence are ringing God still rules this universe and he's going to expose the Democrats cheating ways and this country is going to get back to Freedom

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    I’ve never protested before, or even considered it, but if trump takes this shit in some sneaky, bullshit way, I’m protesting. I’d bet there are a lot of people who can probably describe their situations similarly.

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    Instead of worrying about BS polling why don't you dig in to the Bidens family fortune and what roll he played in his son's international business ventures.

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    Republicans “suppressing the votes”? … they’re just trying to prevent your fraudulent mail-in scams … maybe if in 2024 you put up someone other than a radical socialist, the American people might listen … Trump in a landslide in 2020!

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    Remember that guy that said "I think polls have made a fair adjustment and are much more accurate today than in 2016." Im that guy!!

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    D… A…. How long have you been brainwashed..?

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    Its ok just pretend it didn't happen 🙂

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    pelosi says seniors are expensive
    cuomo seeded nursing homes
    four blue states blocking trump's vaxes
    seniors and workers have a "right to try"

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    I used to like S.E Cupp, until she sold out.to CNN, sad….the almighty dollar

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    It's called Murphy's Law.

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    CNN journals dot deserve to talk to public they are so biased. They just said what their boss want them to say. They afraid to loose their jobs. What a shame.

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    What did u expect with biden. Literallllly anyone else would be better

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    You watch cnn, trump is up in the polls but you but you watch cnn , the polls have been wrong for a long time. Do you really believe trump was down by 17 yea ok. Biden is an idiot, he cant even talk , you must be crazy votein for him, did you ever do any homework of your own on biden. You might wanna check for yourself.he is gonna sell us to chhina like he did before or you must be one of them tht cant stand trump so it dont matter who you vote for, have you seen the plans the people have that are around biden, forbgg the U.S you might wanna check that aswell , all anti Americans but hey you might be ok with riots looting burning lawlessness thats in these dem cities an defund the police. Im just sayin were all in this together

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    hear that? Trump train is coming!

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    You know the scene in “Despicable Me” where Vector rubs his butt all over his keyboard? That’s how they make the numbers in the polls

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    "Suppress the vote" thats leftist for stop fraud.

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    She should feel uneasy…we’re voting for Trump again.

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    Trump 2020 baby!!! Can’t wait for 4 more years!!!

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    trump is the ANTICHRIST

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    If biden wins nothing will change so who cares

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    TRUMP 2020!! If you believe the psychological warfare polls being pushed out there by the Media-Dem Party you're even stupider than I thought.

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    The polling data is deeply flawed as it was in 2016. There is such negativity displayed towards people that express any support of Trump that Trump supporters do not truly express who they plan to vote for in the election. A much better informal "survey" is to look at the difference between Biden's rallies and Trump's rallies. Trump will pull 25,000 people to a rally. Biden is lucky to get 100 people there. This speaks volumes regarding the popularity of these candidates. Biden is an old, beta male. People do not follow a beta male. Tump is a deeply flawed man. He is vain, braggadocios, and crude at times, but he is a strong Alpha male. People naturally follow an Alpha male.

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    Not over yet.

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