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Scotland's pubs and restaurants banned from selling alcohol indoors for 16 days – UK COVID-19 update

Pubs, restaurants and cafes in Scotland are being barred from selling alcohol indoors for 16 days from Friday, Nicola Sturgeon has announced.

They can continue selling food and non-alcoholic drinks indoors until 6pm and are able to sell alcohol outside up until the 10pm curfew.

But in areas with particularly high coronavirus rates, all licenced premises apart from hotels will be forced to close both indoor and outdoor services, though can continue doing takeaways.

The Scottish government also announced that National 5 exams will be cancelled next year in the hope of avoiding a repeat of this year’s exams chaos.

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  1. Avatar

    Please – pubs/eateries resist. Sell. Hopefully people will rebel and buy.
    We need to end this madness by failing to comply.

  2. Avatar

    prohibition is a crime scene not to be revisited

  3. Avatar

    Businesses need to form a union now and resist these measures, do not pay any fines.

  4. Avatar

    Scapegoat 🤣! Opening pubs firsts is what fucked things again, nobody in pubs wore a mask and gathered under smoking areas like sheep

  5. Avatar

    Goodbye to every independent pub. Time to have house parties instead!

  6. Avatar

    I bet the corrupted politicians in Scotland came up with this idea while at the pub

  7. Avatar

    Not needed, just an excuse for someone to blame!

  8. Avatar

    Sturgeon loves the coverage she’s getting from the virus.

  9. Avatar

    The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918 came at the end of world war 1, the flu was so devastating because of 4 years of war. people had massively depleted immune system due to the poor nutrition and stress and trying to cope with the loss of their family and friends . its wrong to compare covid-19 with the Spanish flu.

  10. Avatar

    It’s ma swamp!

  11. Avatar

    If nobody has the balls to rebel I don't have anything to say

  12. Avatar

    The test/trace data is showing pubs and hospitality are driving the increasing infection out of control. So close them – simple. Any argument against that is curious.

  13. Avatar

    Yep keep ruining our lives cause there’s a virus with smth like 99% survival rate. Go on.

  14. Avatar

    If pub go under how will government get there money from cause people paying tax when they drinking in pubs I don't think government don't know what they doing only thing government is doing is putting us into more and more debt

  15. Avatar

    Got to be realistic here. Some pubs I visited didn’t have any sanitizer or organisation e.g. one way system and two never even asked for contact and trace info. Others were very well regulated and those are the ones we returned to. I think some of the hospitality industry let themselves down. I do hope that this 16 day closure has the desired effect and the pubs etc are open for November and December.

  16. Avatar

    I hope your all waking up to what’s really going on here

  17. Avatar

    Protests = GOOD

    Business = BAD

  18. Avatar
    Mohammad S. AbuTaleb

    Ⓜ️ Alcohol scars your livers & causes mental health issues…
    Enjoy your life in awakeness rather than in drunkenness

  19. Avatar


  20. Avatar

    Where’s the proof that the so called virus exists

  21. Avatar

    The Scamdemic continues. 🤦‍♂️ 💉

  22. Avatar

    Can the North join Scotland? Build a wall at Birmingham and leave the Southerners to their agendas.

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