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Scientists work to fight climate change on Acadian Peninsula

On the Acadian Peninsula in New Brunswick, a team of research scientists is working with local communities to help fight the impact of climate change, including its eroding coastline.
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  1. Avatar

    Climate change yeah right L🤣 L

  2. Avatar

    Good morning…

  3. Avatar

    Coastlines have been changing since water formed on Earth billions of years ago. Stop blaming climate change. How you gonna stop continental drift next? 😂

  4. Avatar

    What do you expect? Water and land are in constant change. You can not stop Mother Nature. Stop the BS.

  5. Avatar

    How Dare you. 🤣

  6. Avatar

    Erosion is what formed our Beautiful Mother Earth. Sorry you choose to build on the edge of natural change.

  7. Avatar

    In New Jersey, USA the government has bought homes from ppl and then home is torn down. Lots of trees and bushes have been planted. Like this video said you can't fight Mother Nature. I was surprised by Canadians not believing in climate change (all the comments so far are climate change deniers)

  8. Avatar

    It is called Earth Changes, and yes it is called climate change too:

    "It's not CO2, it's not YOU, it's the SUN."
    – David DuByne, Adapt 2030

  9. Avatar

    no amount of science can twarth the course of nature specially if you know who is controlling it. It is all providential, nature will never obey, change nor adapt its course with man's "scientific resolve", it is man who will and must adapt and change to the will and plans of GOD.

  10. Avatar

    "Fight climate change"! Really! These "experts" can be dangerous.

  11. Avatar

    There is no climate crisis. Erosion deniers.

  12. Avatar

    WOW I am SHOCKED, the Climate is changing…… WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT THIS WAS REAL……

  13. Avatar

    You adapt you don't need to use violent terms like fight which is not very smart against nature. Endless money for non essential science at the moment adds credence to not so urgent or deadly pandemic c19. Sun plays a huge part like most major part in surface temperatures look at minimums vs cooling black spots during a maximum and how the earth reacts. Duh!!!

  14. Avatar

    Good luck with that! Man's crazy belief that he somehow controls nature. Errosion is natural.

  15. Avatar

    Wow lots of people in these comments ready to chime in with their expert knowledge on how climate change is a myth. Glad to have them proving all of these scientists wrong with their high school level education. Surprised that their local trailer parks have solid enough reception to leave so many comments though

  16. Avatar

    Climate will balance itself out. STOP TUNA! Trudeaus United Nations Agenda!

  17. Avatar

    Scientists work to fight climate change lmfao!!!! These people are nutz!

  18. Avatar

    Good I hope all u newfies go under

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