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Schumer says Trump defense made Dems' case 'even stronger'

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats speak to press.

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  1. Avatar

    Sick of hearing the dems side, can we get on with this.

  2. Avatar

    Schumer is even more messed up then we though and his team! They know they are done with there lies and have nothing! Amercan people are fed up with them all and feel safer now with the Republican team telling us all the truth! We still have a Republican senate with morals in tell us the Truth and stopping the crime against our elected President. For these crimes by the do-nothing Deomocrats, in trying to Impeach an Innocent president! Will be exposing and in time will be removed from office, they are letting the People vote them out instead!

    Some will be changed with there crimes we have no choice now !!!

  3. Avatar

    Why didn't the house call their witnesses during the impeachment inquiry. It's because they have no case and the Democrats are trying to influence the 2020 election

  4. Avatar


  5. Avatar

    IRAC -Issue, rule, application, conclusion (look it up). IRAC is the basis of legal education which primarily is case analysis. Issue: Should the president be impeached. Rule: High crimes and misdemeanors. Application: Based on the evidence, the president committed no high crime or misdemeanor. Conclusion: Since the president committed no high crime or misdemeanor, he therefore should not be impeached. Case over!!

  6. Avatar

    Getting ready to shower so watching Schumer before , what a swamp critter, why isn't Congress sequestered while this trial is going on, to ask Schiff if he wants to cross examined under oath , guessing it would be no , Schiff would be my first witness to testify

  7. Avatar

    Schumer the schemer stop lying to America. You cannot be trusted and you no have credibility.

  8. Avatar

    Trumps defense blew houses case up in two hours with proof of their facts ,btw

  9. Avatar

    You never gave your documents you used to accuse the president and since you refuse to we reserve the right to not comply.

  10. Avatar

    They are so pissed they got beat. 2020 will be worse

  11. Avatar

    The House’s case was not strong! You exaggerate Mr Schumer. America is sooo tired of the democrats BS. Get over it and get prepared for another 4 years!

  12. Avatar

    No senate should never do the job of those criminals

  13. Avatar

    Why is it that every time cryin chuck speaks there is a wimpering sound? Is it his voice or is he really crying?

  14. Avatar

    Why is she still smiling what a parasite

  15. Avatar

    Yes ! Quit spending out hard earn taxes on this BS!! You do not have the support of most states!! Trump kicks is kicking y’all’s butt all over the place and y’all are looking pure stupid. Let me make it CLEAR: y’all are simply Sore LOSERS!!!!!!

  16. Avatar

    I’m waiting on the Muller report!!

  17. Avatar

    What is the total BS ad at beginning of this video? Oh yeah, it's for the followers. Pathetic.

  18. Avatar

    Evin in traffic court you must have documents

  19. Avatar

    The dems are seriously mentally ill.

  20. Avatar

    Three years and counting: Congressional constipation.

  21. Avatar

    I bet Hunter and joe know….eat a bowl of peckers chuck

  22. Avatar

    Talk about a gaping hole, that is Schumer!!!

  23. Avatar

    INNOCENT TILL PROVEN GUILTY……. Congress accused impeached without proof? So why they IMPEACH (without PROOF / EVIDENCE)? The only thing they had was a RIGGED PROCESS and most important "MAJORITY". GOD I HOPE I NEVER FACE A RIGGED PROCESS, DO YOU?

  24. Avatar

    Except in the house of representatives!

  25. Avatar

    Read ‘em and weep Dems! 😂👏🏻

  26. Avatar

    Schumer can't handle the truth. He wouldn't know the truth if it bit him n his lying butt.

  27. Avatar

    Whoever heard of a trial without witnesses and documents? Witnesses back up your case. 66 – 71 % of the country want witnesses and documents. Skip this and republicans will be crucified.

  28. Avatar

    Shummer needs witnesses to do some more lying

  29. Avatar

    They are in complete denial or at the very least that's what they want their disciples to believe.

  30. Avatar

    These Dems never shown any respect too this President or our Country , Flag ,Vets you name it.

  31. Avatar

    The Women in Black says the Trump team muddied the water with FACTS.

  32. Avatar

    Shiff was doing the same thing in the house

  33. Avatar

    Shimmer sure does a lot of speculating

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