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Schumer says Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett “must recuse herself”

With the Senate hearing to consider Judge Amy Coney Barrett as the next associate justice on the U.S. Supreme Court set to begin Monday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Sunday that given her serious conflicts of interest, Judge Barrett must immediately pledge to recuse herself from decisions involving the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the 2020 presidential election.

Sen. Schumer said should she even be confirmed through an already illegitimate, dangerous and widely unpopular nomination process, that Judge Barrett must do the right thing and recuse now.
Schumer detailed how Judge Barrett has already made it clear she stands against the ACA and health care protections Americans have come to depend upon.

Sen. Schumer also said President Donald Trump has all but said he desperately needs Judge Barrett on the high court just in case the 2020 election results require a Supreme Court decision. Schumer said these variables are unprecedented and that they demand recusal, especially with the court scheduled to decide on the ACA shortly after the November election.

Schumer said recusal would be the bare minimum for Judge Barrett to commit to as he makes his case on behalf of the American people, who overwhelmingly agree.


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    Pay her double Schumer and she'll think about it

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    Soooooo many Trumpers in the comments. You guys are hilarious 😆

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    Mexicans fir trump 2020!!

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    Chuck looks like a mutated rat.

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    Is Schumer on drugs?

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    Schumer should play "the penguin" in batman.
    He has the perfect nose for it.

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    must rescue herself? dude, you should be focused on saving your fking election! At this stage, not many people are voting democrat fam!!

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    Chuckie, another reason I walked away.

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    Chuck Schumer supports mass murder of babies and is a very danger man who should be in Jail and executed for supporting the murder of babies.

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    Most people may not know the case that made baby killing legal the baby involved in the case is still a live and her mother died a pro-lifer after seeing a baby executed by an abortion

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    She must recuse herself….lol. He is everything I hate about politicians…smug….know it all…condescending! Schumer, your last name should be Bummer. .

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    The penguin should recuse himself

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    i wonder who gonna say she raped them lol good buy health care we screwed

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    The US has fallen so far, so fast it is dizzying. Total shitshow now. I hope Biden wins or I'm going to run out of popcorn up here in Canada.

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    Liberals are cry baby .

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    Schumer cries eternally about "antisemitism" yet discriminates Amy based on HER religion.. disgusting hypocrisy

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    Quid Pro Quo from the Democrats! You do this and we will give you that!

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    Iesus ego confido in vobis

    Okay Chuckie, you recuse yourself from the Senate,,,,,,, Deal???

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    Concerned Civil Citizen

    NOW IS A PERFECT TIME TO TAKE A LOOK AT *TERM LIMITS FOR ALL FEDERAL JUDGES *THE REAL-ISSUE CONCERNING SUPREME COURT JUSTICES = 3/4 OF A CENTURY FOR ONE MIND-SET ON A BENCH IS JUST TOO LONG!!! This is predicated on the answer to the question: Why are POLITICIANS from both parties clamoring so fervently to nominate Justices to all of the Federal Court benches? The answer to that question provides a clear understanding of how Americans have come to view our Federal Judges, and that is, as an arm of each political party, respectively. And the main follow-through on this fact is that Judges these days are more-than-willing to issue partisan rulings these days. This is in fact, realized, in the many rulings that have been issued from the various benches, from the lower Courts, right up through the Applet Courts, and through to the Supreme Court of these Lands. Just look at the resent Florida Court ruling on the "restoration of felon's right's to vote in elections. Consider the referendum-vote of the people of Florida, who voted overwhelming to give those rights back to those felons who have served their time for crimes committed." The Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, in his plight to manipulate the voter-ranks in the 2020 election, devised a plan to withhold the restoration of those felon's rights by arbitrarily imposing the requirement that those felons must pay back any fines before being able to vote. Moving through the court system, the claims of those felons, that this was not the People's Will, was dismissed by (Republican favored) Applet Judges, in favor of the voter-suppressing Republican Governor. This sort of ruling is plainly clear that Federal Judges are becoming increasingly partisan with their rulings. This could come back to find the Republican ranks on the other side of such future partisan rulings. So this is the solution: "We need to find a way to take partisanship out of our judicial system, the way it was intended in the first place. We need Term Limits for our Federal Judges, and a reform of the process of which they are appointed to the Benches" I believe, with the modern political climate, it will be impossible to solve, that is, within the process justices are appointed today. I believe the American People would be better served if our Judges were VOTED onto the benches by both branches of the government: House and the Senate. Most importantly, I believe LIFE APPOINTMENTS to the Bench is severely problematic for the Republic. Three quarters of a century could go by, having a partisan Justice sitting on the bench skewing rulings that only make sense to a small number of American Citizens. This has to change if we are to have a better system of government. The course we are on now will only render the US looking more and more like Belarus of today.

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    Nonsense! Why would she do that?? I don’t see any videos where she has said these statements. Can anyone share if they have any.

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    I care for Your Soul. Please do not vote Democrat (a platform that hate GOD, killed millions of babies, promote LGBT, and put You in danger of facing eternal H*ll judgement). Please Pray for a GOD's Fearing supreme judge.

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    This is a demon speaking.. Just look at him….ask him what God he worships

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    the dems are shameless.

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    These sleaze bag politicians are something else

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    I am waiting to hear one sensible reason why Chucks comments are not valid

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    Liar. Liar. Pants on fire.

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    Shumer has only his interest in this! Wake up.

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    The religious nuts having all the power will be a disaster.

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    why not wait till she is confirmed, and then, know about her thoughts, ala JBiden court packing.

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    Chuckster is an A1 comedian, up there with Chapelle.

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    I'm tire of you NY focks telling the rest of the country what to do. EAD!

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    This presidency is nothing more than an unethical un-American attempt to subvert our democracy. Don't think for a second that most GOP politicians haven't gone all in with Trump and his ego-driven authoritarian goals. They realize that if they don't take this election by any means possible, they may not be trusted again for years. Hence many right now are willing to stoop to ANY measure to keep what they have. As soon as they realized Trump was giving them the green light to ditch principle, practice and integrity, they couldn't fling them to the dirt quick enough.

    There's only one logical choice here America. This toxic administration, along with it's despotic fantasies, has to be told…"No thanks" Otherwise America is going to eventually suffer far more than it should have had to. What is fomenting here within the Republican Party is WRONG. Countries can and DO rot and die from the inside out. History has shown us over and over what can happen. We are foolish to think we are immune.

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    Stop with the US news diversion from the Trudeau corruption.

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    what a buffoon haha we see right through all you politicians

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    Chuck Schumer is the anti christ. Why doesn’t he use his great healthcare that we pay for and get a pair of glasses that don’t hang down his noise like he is a 80 year old Woman ??

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    All lies, Corrupt. Deep state.

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    She must do as I and my party sees fit. Just becaue

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    I sure do love seeing democrats trying to talk about other people’s moralities. 😂😂.

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    Elena Kagan was the Solicitor General, responsible for defending Obamacare to the Supreme Court.

    Obama nominated her to the Supreme Court.

    She did NOT recuse herself when Obamacare reached the Supreme Court.

    She voted to UPHOLD Obamacare in a 5-4 decision.

    Democrats had ZERO problem with this.

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    Love how they are so afraid bc their plan to move the election to the supreme court has back fired with RBG dying now they want Trumps new ace in the hole to recuse?? Lol nope sorry

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