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Saving Africa's Northern white rhino

After decades of poaching, the Northern white rhino is effectively extinct with only two females remaining.

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  1. Avatar

    Karen LOL this made me salute to her

  2. Avatar
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    I'm sorry for the people and animals named Karen, that aren't Karens.

  3. Avatar

    Big thanks to the POS in office…..Trump admin to allow trophy hunter to import rare black rhino parts to US from Fox news google it he is dirt bag.

  4. Avatar

    This is disturbing. If the Rhino goes extinct then humanity has failed the planet.

  5. Avatar

    Covid-19 must be Karen!!? RUN!!!

  6. Avatar

    China man killing and eating everythin(rhino horn tigers penis. elephant tusks. everything in China medicine to soup).pay some money to African to kill all the wild animal .
    This is one of the big problem for the world.

  7. Avatar

    Another Karen fail when the world needed her most.

  8. Avatar

    So it's been abused and raped

  9. Avatar

    Man is responsible for the extinction of this very species. Is it possible that man could revitalize this lost species? We have a lot to learn.

  10. Avatar

    It's so sad that no males left please world let's hope this works plz plz plz plz

  11. Avatar

    Humans medal to much …

  12. Avatar

    China and Korea responsible for this .

  13. Avatar

    Extinction is inevitable for all living creatures

  14. Avatar
    Sir Cliff Richard

    "Her name is Karen and she's not very happy" Typical we need all the Karen's extinct not saved!

  15. Avatar

    She's a Karen just like me how relatable now has anyone seen my Daughter Shannon I'm trying to find her to claim £50,000 from Sun Newspaper!

  16. Avatar
    Mobbdeepak McMacaveli Shakoor

    Research kalergi plan, this is more proof that the government hates white rhinoceroses.

  17. Avatar

    Send them Mitt Romney, there’s a white Rhino!!

  18. Avatar

    Technically it's wide rhinoceros not white.

  19. Avatar
    Elizabeth Robertson

    Hope she is ok and not stressed ❤🙏

  20. Avatar

    "Her name is Karen and she's not very happy" what else is new?

  21. Avatar

    Jerrasick park

  22. Avatar

    Let's hope they will succeed 🙏

  23. Avatar

    What we take for granted Mother Nature makes miracles.

  24. Avatar
    Scaffcalc Software

    ….once again Sky News Live delivers brilliance with topic about whit rhino,

  25. Avatar

    That thumbnail made it look huge

  26. Avatar

    Ahh wow that's huge

  27. Avatar
    IfSomeoneDebunksMeInAnArgument TheyWerePaidTosayIt

    Karens are never happy

  28. Avatar

    But there's still other types of rhino so what does it matter? Only one race and that's the rhino race.

  29. Avatar
    Jennifer Griffin

    Name one Karen, Kate, Kathy, katherine that's ever happy?

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